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Monday, November 23, 2009

Internet Marketing: Taking a Holiday Break?

You have been busy as a hive of bees. It's time to take a break from your home based business, from internet marketing, from all the routine. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to schedule a Holiday Break!

No matter if you will be traveling or hosting the Main Event in your home; even if you enjoy feasting in a restaurant, take some time just to BE.

Relax, play with any children in your midst, and change your routine for a few days. Take guilt-free time for a few more zzz's in the morning and linger over that second cup of coffee. It will do you enormous good and your creative juices will flow even more when you go back to business.

The Rapid Cash Review crew want to wish you and yours the best Thanksgiving holiday imaginable! We all have long lists of things and people for which we offer our thanks. Topping our list is the loyalty and comments from the readers of this blog. Your support is inestimable and we sincerely hope we are worthy of your trust and confidence.


Connie Baum

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Internet Marketing: Do YOU Struggle?

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We love comments so after you have visited Rapid Cash Marketing, please let us know how you made out! We love success stories-won't you share YOURS?

Connie Baum

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Articles, Articles, Articles?

Internet marketing people understand the value and importance of creating and submitting articles in order to generate traffic to one's website. After all, what good comes to a home based business if no one visits their website?

A good part of any marketer's day is taken up with reading and commenting on other peoples' blogs and reading articles written with the express intent of generating traffic and buzz.

At the risk of sounding like a fussy spinster school marm I gently remind anyone who is spending precious time cranking out articles and blog posts to use the Spell Check feature on your computer!

It's really disconcerting to read copy that has gross spelling errors but even more to the point than misspelled words is that poor writing makes the writer seem far less credible and less professional than the expert he or she purports to be.

Surely your grade school teacher taught you how to use the dictionary. You are even likely to have access to a dictionary from your browser's toolbar. PLEASE USE IT.

You go through the effort to research and create articles; when submitting them, it only takes a moment to make sure there are no errors. Run a spell check on the article submission site before you publish your work. Your grade school teacher will not be present now to look over your shoulder and prevent your mistakes so it is your responsibility to make sure it could earn the grade of "A."

Many internet marketers are highly adept at text messaging; this is laudable. But in article writing, text messaging is not only inappropriate but inaccurate.

Article writing and article submission is a key ingredient to the success of any internet marketer who seeks to make money online. Do it well, do it correctly and do it with style. Your rewards will be great and you can know that you gave article marketing your best effort.

Wouldn't your teacher be proud of you?

If you are interested to learn more about article marketing please click on these words for a premier, affordable coaching program.

Connie Baum

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day, 2009

This cheery basket of cookies and flags will be delivered to a nursing home, where a dozen veterans who have served our country will be honored today.

There are 486 flags standing tall and proud around our local courthouse square. The men and women who have served in our armed forces have come together this very day to celebrate one another in grand style. They shared breakfast and good camaraderie to begin their day. They had lunch, compliments of the local school. Some of the vets in our area were invited to share their stories with school children. Tonight, when the flags are put to bed, there will be a meal for those who helped with this monumental task.

If you are a veteran or are currently in the military I wish to thank you for your service.

Here's hoping YOU have the opportunity to find tangible ways to thank any veterans who might be in YOUR midst today.

Only in America can we have the freedoms we do and we are grateful for those who have defended those freedoms.

The Post Office and Banks are closed today. No business transacted there. We shall follow their lead and spare you any commercial message.

God Bless America!

Connie Baum

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Internet Marketing: Selling Other Peoples' Stuff?

Point, Click and watch your PayPal account get fat?

Not quite.

Affiliate Marketing, or selling other peoples' stuff can be raised to an art form. If it's done correctly it can yield someone who's interested in working from home or anyone who wants to make money online a good living.

But it's not for the faint of heart. And no matter what claims you may have heard, it is NOT for the lazy. Anyone who has the gumption to take action and follow through can make something happen for himself!

There are numerous ways to promote the products you choose. You can write articles and submit them to article directories; you can promote things by using an ebook loaded with your affiliate links and you can bring attention to your affiliate products with press releases, social networking; even pay per click campaigns.

Video is ginormous and in order to be in the loop, video skills are a MUST LEARN. I know whereof I speak. I promise you it is on my radar and my To Do List.

It's important to have the proper elements in place to make Affiliate Marketing the profit maker you desire. Squeeze pages, opt in boxes, one time offers, thank-you pages and autoresponder messages are absolute necessities if you hope to make money online.

Under the heading of "This is how to git 'er done" you'd want to list consistent blog posting; quality article and blog post content; value; added value; over delivering to your prospects and customers; impeccable integrity and quality affiliate products in 'white hot' niches.

This would be daunting without the support of a good help desk. Are you interested in understanding Affiliate Marketing from the inside out? If so, I can link you up with the best coaching program in cyberspace. Check it out HERE.

Connie Baum

Monday, November 2, 2009

Aweber as My New BFF?

Yes, my new best friend forever is a communications company in Pennsylvania!

You've heard me brag about AWeber. I think I told you about the pair of SOCKS AWeber sent to one of my gurus. Well, my guru is going to go through the roof when he finds out that Chase, one of many delightful and helpful representatives who work the phones on AWeber's help line sent ME a token of his gratitude.
I was the one who owed a debt of gratitude! I had 23 messages all queued up and when I sent a TEST message to make sure all was well, ALL WAS NOT WELL. The messages were BLANK!

Chase came riding into my world on a white steed! He saved the day by showing me how to repair the damage. Furthermore, Chase knew WHY the error had come about and taught me how to avoid that issue again.

Naturally, I expressed my thanks to Chase. I even filled out a little survey to brag on him. He deserved it!

You have NO IDEA how surprised I was when I opened my mail to discover a gift FROM CHASE AT AWEBER, mind you!

Here is a tip for all internet marketers: You NEED AWeber in your quest to make money online! They are Top Dog when it comes to email newsletters, HTML email templates, autoresponders, and email statistics. They are genius when it comes to blog newsletters, personalization, and split testing. If you are doing affiliate marketing or list building their services are critical for you to have.

When it comes to customer solutions the AWeber team members are patient-I know this from personal experience!-and knowledgeable. They are courteous and personable; they GET how to solve problems quickly and efficiently.

Here's the best news of all: AWeber is affordable and I'll tell you right now it is some of the best money I ever spend on my business. It's a great value and worth every shekel.

If you haven't met AWeber yet, you are in for a treat. If Chase answers your call, please tell him hello from me, won't you?

Here's where you go to meet them: AWeber!

Connie Baum