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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Internet Marketing: What Resources Do YOU Have?

Whether you are a beginning marketer, working in a home business or if you already know how to make money from home you are likely to have resources for getting the job done. You are likely to be familiar with people whose skills you can count on to help you accomplish your goals and you probably outsource some of your tasks to professionals who can do a great job and give you your money's worth. You may be considering the use of Private Label Rights products as part of your business strategy.

Here is a laundry list of questions you might consider when it comes to acquiring and using Private Label Rights products:

  • Have you ever worked with Private Label Rights products?
  • Do you know what can be done with these kinds of things?
  • If you don't know, how will you learn about them?
  • If you do know, are you aware of the options to make these PLR products your very own?
  • Do you know how to repackage them?
  • Where will you go to find graphics to make your PLR items unique?
  • Do you have ideas about re-formatting the items from digital to physical?
  • Can you easily purchase any materials you might need to bring your items to the marketplace?
  • If not, would you know how to search for what would serve you?
Have you looked at the 'fine print' of the private label rights items to make sure about what you can and cannot do with your PLR products? You wouldn't want surprises to spoil your hard work and time spent in creation, recreation and distribution.

When it comes to working with PLR, you might do well to consider spending time on the many forums that dot the cyberscape. If you can help people solve their problems and bring value to people in the forums you visit, you are sure to enhance your own credibility. That would be a good thing.

Internet marketing is a good way to earn a living. There are many advantages to learning about recession proofing one's income and it feeds the entrepreneurial spirit. Looking at the details of making it happen before taking action is to be responsible and prepared. Have reasonable expectations for your online business and take responsibility for your own actions and decisions. Be accountable to someone you trust and don't be afraid to ask for outside help.

Above all, follow your passion; it will fuel your rocket ship to success!

Connie Baum

Monday, July 27, 2009

How To Make Money From Home: Is It Possible?

Have you looked at the offers that pour into your Inbox? Have all your friends put you on their lists to see their Next Big Promotion? Do you ever feel so overwhelmed about working at home with the doorbell and the kids and the neighbor's barking dog to distract you that you consider finding a J-O-B?

Just as the song lyrics remind us, nobody promised us a rose garden. Nobody said it would be easy-or, if they did, they lied-but it can be simplified.

To begin with, it's important to create a PLAN and follow through with the plan you create.

When you work at home it's altogether too easy to take a break and throw a ball around with the kids. Pretty soon you've spent half an hour and it slips by so fast it's incredible.
Or, the doorbell rings and you step outside to chat with the neighbor who is watering the flowers. Then you feel as if it's time for a sit-down break and you go to the kitchen for coffee, where the newspaper catches your eye. All these distractions can be a form of procrastination. Even cleaning and organizing your work area can be procrastination in its highest art form.

When you write down a list of tasks to accomplish in your workday, the end results depend on your doing everything on your list. SIDEBAR: Be realistic and pragmatic when you make your To Do list. Don't make the list longer than your arm. END SIDEBAR.

When your intention is to work to make money at home it's critical to work smart. That might mean signing up with a respectable coaching program and working with a coach to teach you whatever elements are missing in your online education. It could mean you partner with someone to create accountability for both of you.

When you work with an accountability partner, you are not likely to send a progress report listing "played ball with the kids for 30 minutes, then sat down for coffee and read the newspaper." There isn't much meat there about how you will create a stream of income, what steps you are taking to generate traffic for your blog, improving your search engine optimization or whatever you might be studying to increase your skills.

Whether you work in a factory, your money comes from a trust fund or you have a brick and mortar storefront, you NEED to take thoughtful, deliberate action to make any plan come to fruition. Multi level marketers must be out and about, talking to people. Salesmen had better be writing orders. Online marketers, working at home, had better be learning what they don't know yet and they had better be working diligently to create products, sell other peoples' stuff, or taking whatever steps are necessary to stay in the game of life.

Online marketers may create a home business startup as a part time venture or even as a hobby. In the case of the serious entrepreneur, however, making money from home must be structured for financial success or failure and disappointment may result.

Follow your bliss. Do your best work. Make a plan and stick to it. Be accountable.


Connie Baum

Friday, July 24, 2009

Social Networking: Twitter? Facebook? MySpace?

The answer to the question you see might be this:

"All of the above."

Let's presume you have chosen which of the myriad social networking sites suits you and you have carefully and thoughtfully filled out their profile fields. Maybe you have even made some posts and have acquired a following of fans.

As an internet marketer, have you used the power of social networking to your advantage?

The way to make social networking advantageous in your business is to be generous. Give your social networking contacts something of value. Give of YOURSELF. Take the time to build healthy relationships.

For example, you aren't likely to enter a wedding reception and propose marriage to the first single person with whom you dance. It works the same way on social networking sites.

What is more insulting than to "follow" or "friend" someone whose website you admire and have them "follow back" or "friend" you with a SALES PITCH to buy their product? We do business with those we like and those we trust. If you haven't built a relationship you don't know who you can trust and you have not learned to like anyone BEFORE a relationship is established!

Before you write on someone's "wall" you must remember to be prudent, practical and cautious. Be your best self.

A good way to build relationships online-or offline-is to ask questions. What do people need help doing? How can you add value to their experience? Noted internet marketer, John DiLemme is a respected social networker and he advises people who want to be successful in the social networking arena to be generous and give away mountains of information. Help others to solve their problems. Find answers to the questions others have.

John DiLemme wants to see people build trust in their relationships. Isn't that what everybody deserves?

The number of friends or followers on a social networking site is important for your exposure. But it's even more important to understand WHO those people are, in terms of your niche market. It's just fine to comment to a parrot enthusiast but if your niche is targeted to boaters or sportswear shops, that may not mesh when at some point you advertise your newest Big Thing.

There is no need to blow your horn about your Big Project or Best Product every time you log in to your favorite site. The ratio should be about 80% to 20%. No need to frighten people away. We are all fearful of "being sold."

Are you new to social networking? If you peruse your Twitter stream or look at the pages of Facebook or any of the many sites that are available you will soon see how the process works.

One of my Twitter devotees has managed to develop a handsome income from her Twitter stream, simply because she has developed her followers' confidence and when she suggests something, they know they can trust her recommendation. IF they are in the market for the idea she puts forth, they feel comfortable to follow her lead.

The relationship she has with her "fan club" did not materialize overnight. She has consistently and regularly shown up to offer value, share helpful information, solve peoples' problems and prove that she deserves unfailing trust.

She got that trust the old fashioned way. She EARNED it.

Connie Baum
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Internet Marketing: Are You Up For the Challenge?

At lunchtime today we had a good laugh about my personal issues and challenges with the technical aspects of internet marketing.

I am blessed with a patient, understanding husband, tremendous and long suffering coaches and it is fortunate that we all seem to have a sense of humor about my ISSUES.

Silly me. I made the remark that my husband should understand. SIDEBAR: NEVER SHOULD ON HUSBANDS. END SIDEBAR.

I said, "Normal people might have given up and quit when things were bad, like they were for me."

His eyes twinkled and he grinned. He hesitated, not knowing if he should even broach the subject.

SIDEBAR: Husbands, broach sensitive subjects sensitively! END SIDEBAR

Finally, tentatively, he offered this comment: "Connie, NORMAL PEOPLE WOULD HAVE GOTTEN IT!"

Touche`... ...We shared a comical moment and had a great laugh...but we both remember how it was, back in the day when I cried a lot and was so discouraged.

I had been stuck. I was mired in the quicksand of not understanding how to do the simplest technical task. I'm still not too whippy but I am ENJOYING the journey!

If I had not had a coaching program staffed and run by "Saint" Jeff Wellman and "Saint" Dixie Brown, I'd really have been up a stump!

Now Jeff and Dixie have Paul Counts to help carry their load-and mine-and Keith Wellman is on the scene, as well. My husband is sure they had to call in the troops just to handle my support tickets!

Well, their new coaching program is tailor made for people like me. And it's tailored for YOU, as well. Whatever causes you to trip up and fall short of the success you really would like to have can be addressed with their new program:
AutoPilot Wealth Institute. It is truly amazing.

See for yourself by clicking here.

I'd wish you good luck, but you won't need my good wishes. You'll be just fine. After all, you'll be in good hands.

Connie Baum

AutoPilot Wealth Institute: Great Help For the Technically Challenged!

The AutoPilot Wealth Institute officially launched, sans cake, yesterday! This is great news for people like me.

I'm sorry to tell you that I am technically challenged. It's been a problem until I learned that Dixie Brown has the patience and strategies to teach me how to overcome the technical issues that would have kept me from reaching my internet marketing goals!

Apparently I'm not the only technically challenged person looking for assistance because the AutoPilot Wealth Institute is enrolling the very people they were looking to help. People understand that this new coaching program can and will change lives in positive ways.

See for yourself right here.

Just as in any classroom setting, the student-to-teacher ratio needs to be well balanced to ensure students the proper attention they deserve to achieve the desired results.

It is because of this ratio the number of signups is being carefully monitored. It is quite possible the video in place for you will have to come down. This is because of Quality Control. The AutoPilot Wealth Institute INSISTS that they serve the needs of the students.

You can see the video by clicking here.

If you, like me, have had technical issues in your internet marketing career, you will be DELIGHTED with this new program. The delivery platform for this coaching is special, for it is the same as is used for Universities and Colleges in their online course training.

Keith Wellman, Jeff Wellman, Dixie Brown, and Paul Counts are each superb teachers and have expertise in their own right. Keith spent years honing his craft and helped to mentor his father, Jeff. Dixie was in the corporate world for three decades and is masterful at technical issues and teaching others about that. Paul Counts knows search engine optimization inside and out-offline as well as online. This foursome has a value system that is unparalleled and their integrity is impeccable.

If you have ever had ANY technical challenges, you will be wise to look carefully at this new internet coaching program.

AutoPilot Wealth Institute

Connie Baum

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

AutoPilot Wealth Institute: Everything you need in one place!

One of the biggest frustrations when you want to make money online is that you get SO CLOSE to success, but there might be something you just don't quite understand. That one "something" can be the difference between your success and failure.

We've all been there. Imagine, if you will, how comforting it would be to know that every week you could participate in a conference calls with a handful of experts and get help solving your problem. Wouldn't it be great to actually speak with the real people-gurus-and have them respond to you directly in real time on the phone? You would have your issues resolved and be on your way to the success that is rightfully yours!

Email support is dandy but when it will not solve your problem-and this is the major reason why people do not reach the level of success they desire-what are internet marketers to do? With AutoPilot Wealth Institute, you can be 0n the phone every week getting answers to your pressing internet marketing questions LIVE in minutes!

The three gurus who will be on weekly calls are specialists in product creation, product launches, list building, traffic generation and SEO as well as technical training, design, and much, much more. This team has been assembled to be able to answer almost any question you have and they will be on live, weekly calls.

AutoPilot Wealth Institute

Well known internet marketers, Keith Wellman, Jeff Wellman, Dixie Brown and Paul Counts, have put together a program that not only allows you to get this live support and the help you require-their coaching program covers all the important elements you need to succeed online. This special team of successful online entrepreneurs has put together a ONE-OF-A-KIND training and teaching platform: Autopilot Wealth Institute. It is set up for your success online.

Combined into one entire program, they have strategically assembled all of the elements you need to potentially see real results online. With the Autopilot Wealth Institute program you will have access to training in the areas of product creation and the launch process, list building, SEO and innovative traffic generation strategies, technical training, affiliate marketing, residual income training, and much more. Part of the program also includes training on how you can make money online in days instead of months, so you can start to achieve fast results online. On top of that they are giving you PLR to your very own high end multimedia video course so you can start with your own product that is proven to make cash.

This training is on a proven professional and college level learning and teaching platform to help you wring the very most of your training. When you add in the live support and training each week you have all the tools you need to potentially and legitimately achieve the success you desire online.

AutoPilot Wealth Institute

Now is the time to check out a short video to learn how this group of gurus that has been responsible for millions of dollars in online revenues over the years can help you achieve the results you finally are looking for, and get ready to speak to them in the next week and the weeks after that!

Connie Baum

P.S. It is rare when you get an opportunity to speak with the gurus live and get your questions answered, so make sure you take advantage of this offer while you still can and before the price goes up!


Monday, July 20, 2009

AutoPilot Wealth Institute: Good News and Bad News?

You have been in the loop about the merger of Lay Off Your Boss 3 for some time; that launch is taking place TOMORROW, July 21, 2009! That's the GOOD NEWS. The bad news can wait.

Jeff created Lay Off Your Boss with his business partner, Dixie Brown, who is renowned for her technical expertise and the two of them have enjoyed internet coaching success. Their integrity is legendary. Their coaching skills are unparalleled. When Paul Counts burst onto the scene with his search engine optimization skills he rounded out the group to a fare-thee-well!

Nothing is static. Energy itself is always moving. That holds true for internet marketing and coaching programs as well. To improve the delivery of quality coaching, to educate internet marketers about search engine results and in order to teach marketers at every level the Lay Off Your Boss 3 Team will officially merge with the existing program set up by Keith Wellman: AutoPilot Wealth Institute. If you would like more detail about the updated program you can get the full exciting 411 about AutoPilot Wealth Institute on Tuesday, July 21!

Now for the bad news: There will be no wedding cake. I know. I'm disappointed, too. But serving cake would have been too complex for cyberspace. Surely the joys and benefits of working with the AutoPilot Wealth Institute will make up for our disappointment.

Connie Baum

Saturday, July 18, 2009

AutoPilot Wealth Institute: Coming to a Desktop Near You?

Today is Saturday. A weekend day. Time to sleep in, eat a leisurely breakfast and linger over coffee. Maybe it's a good day to run errands, get in a game of golf or catch up on home repairs.

This is the way many people will spend their day but not the Lay Off Your Boss 3 Team. Internet coach Jeff Wellman; internet marketing's Queen of Tech,Dixie Brown and Paul Counts, whose genius is search engine optimization have other plans: This Tremendous Trio is busily testing every aspect of their upcoming launch event. Then they will retest everything. After that, they will check everything all over again. After all, they are about to launch AutoPilot Wealth Institute and become the Fresh Fab Four!

Jeff, Dixie, Paul, and the new partner, Keith Wellman, have been hovering over their project like mama birds with babies to care for. Every aspect of every detail of their new product is being looked after with special attention to detail.

They want everything to be perfect when they unveil their new coaching program replete with all its best features: unparalleled technical assistance, numerous video tutorials, question and answer sessions, detailed webinars, and a delivery system that will be unmatched. There are so many features incorporated into AutoWealth Pilot Institute that internet marketing as we have known it will be reinvented!

Jeff, Dixie, Paul and Keith are devoted to the idea of helping internet marketers solve their internet marketing problems.

They have uniquely addressed a number of problems internet marketers encounter when they work to make money online and learn how to make money from home. The Fresh Fab Four will also bring to the table all their vast expertise in internet marketing, coaching, and unique abilities to think outside the box!

Stay close to your Inbox because you'll want all the details. Launch date is Tuesday, July 21!

Connie Baum

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Make Money Fast: Are You Out of Steam?

If you are working online you are well aware of the intricacies of internet marketing, whether you have dipped your toe into the pool of a part time home business start up or you took the plunge and made it your life's work to learn how to make money from home in a full time venture.

Are you making money FAST? Are you making ANY money? More to the point, are you happy with your experience?

Some of us dive into our enterprise full speed ahead. We find our niche, we follow our passion, we learn some technical skills and we even begin to understand search engine optimization. Then our enthusiasm wanes, even plunges to zip. We find our selves struggling for the energy to keep on keeping on. We get discouraged. We feel bad and begin to think of ourselves negatively.

This need not be the case. There are many, many programs available to assist in the care and feeding of YOUR online enterprise. If you don't think so, you should see my Inbox! It is stuffed with offers of all sorts, each of which seems more profitable than the next.

To be truthful-and one must always be truthful-I don't pay much mind to most of the proliferation of newly launched products and bonuses and other offers of "stuff" because I feel loyalty to the coaching program that brought me to this point in an internet marketing career that feels as if it is blooming.

I look with an open mind at offers that come my way and I'll gladly share information with those who may be more interested, but I'm careful not to tax my time with information that probably won't pertain to me. There is always a gem that may spark my own ideas or some bit of information that enlightens me. I'm grateful to have those, of course.

The products and programs people create must solve other peoples' problems. There is no reason to re-invent the wheel but we all know that if you build a better mousetrap the world will beat a path to your door.

Not to oversimplify the process, we need to find a need in a niche that FEELS right to us. We then need to create a product that solves the problem in that area and drive traffic to Our Next Big Thing. We can do that through email marketing messages and press releases; social networking outlets, blogs, and word of mouth. Offline, we can talk to people, work our networks and show up to be seen.

If we have followed our passion and intuition, if we have chosen the correct niche and done our due diligence the chances for financial success are very good. Focus on doing your best work. Honor your passion. Use your time wisely. Follow the guidelines your coaching program suggests, even if it feels foreign at first.

Do you need information about a coaching program? CLICK HERE. And stay tuned for the merger of an existing, updated coaching program that delivers beyond what you'd expect, anticipates every possible problem and has solutions galore.

Connie Baum

Monday, July 13, 2009

Lay Off Your Boss 3 and AutoPilot Wealth Institute: Is THIS a Dream Come True?

We are one day closer to the major merger!

The launch of the new and improved AutoPilot Wealth Institute is coming down the pike! This will provide all of cyberspace the best of two internet marketing programs: Lay Off Your Boss 3 and AutoPilot Wealth Institute.

Internet marketing is not for sissies. It is a strategy for creating recession proof income, working from home, and it can offer ways to make money fast. If you have ever wondered about or struggled with the nuts and bolts of how to make money from home or wanted to have an easy home based business plan, this might be just the program you have sought.

Keith Wellman became an internet sensation. He then mentored his father, Jeff Wellman, and taught Jeff how to make money online. Jeff Wellman is well known for the online success story of Lay Off Your Boss 3.

Jeff was fortunate-and savvy-to partner with Dixie Brown, who is the TECH QUEEN and worked in corporate America for over 30 years. Those two gave us not only Lay Off Your Boss 3, and Rapid Cash Marketing, but pieces of their hearts by teaching their students the fine art and science of internet marketing. Then this Dynamic Duo took on a third partner, Paul Counts. Paul is a whiz at search engine optimization strategies and techniques both online and offline. This made up The Tremendous Trio.

Now they are poised to become The Fresh Fab Four: very soon they will roll out the new and exciting AutoPilot Wealth Institute. This program will embrace their highly successful program from Lay Off Your Boss 3. In their inimitable style of over delivering, it will also include all the technical wisdom offered by Dixie Brown, a new search engine optimization video/audio series from Paul Counts and bonuses by the bushel. They will offer LIVE Question and Answer sessions, webinars, support like no other program in existence, a forum, and their personal style and integrity is wrapped into every aspect of all their programs. These people KEEP IT REAL.

One new feature of this internet coaching product we anticipate so raptly is the platform delivery. This assures the students of success; we will learn at our own pace and will thoroughly understand the process as we go along.

You will be wise to stay tuned for the details about this product launch.

One important detail: The Fresh Fab Four haven't let it be known yet whether or not there will be "wedding" cake served during the launch!

Connie Baum

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rapid Cash Marketing on AutoPilot?

There has been a great lot of buzz all through cyberspace lately. I've mentioned the upcoming "nuptials" between the Rapid Cash Marketing team. Well, the "wedding rehearsals" have begun and I was fortunate to be a fly on the wall very recently.

I have been privileged to have an unique early bird special! I was allowed to plunk down my hard earned cash. In exchange, I was given the tour d'jour!

People! This is NOT your basic internet marketing course!

This will be the type of coaching program where they hold your hand, keep you after class to discuss the details of your efforts and cheer for you when you achieve the stellar results you hope to gain when you opt into any program.

It is not magic. It is not secret. It's not even mysterious. It IS hard work and plenty of it. But who cares if the work is hard when you have a TEAM of COACHES and plenty of support? When you look at your PayPal account or you check your bank book you don't mind that you had to roll up your sleeves, concentrate and focus, take action and learn when you realize all that action and effort pays off!

Jeff Wellman, Dixie Brown and Paul Counts are joining forces with one of the most powerful forces on the internet and the result is a well organized, fully functional, totally comprehensive package that will take you from wherever you are to wherever you want to go AT YOUR OWN PACE.

The clever way this new coaching program is being presented to you will make your head AND your bottom line explode! Its content will amp up any home business enterprise. If you make money online or WANT to make money online and more of it, you will be enthralled with what is being prepared for you.

Before long you'll be putting your internet marketing on AutoPilot and some cash into the bank!

Stay tuned, most especially if you are an action-taker! I understand there will be wedding cake...

Connie Baum

Monday, July 6, 2009

Internet Marketing...Can You REALLY Make Money Online?

Our economy is providing opportunities for people who have been squeezed out of their jobs.

While the unemployment numbers show that many of America's workers are not working, some of those folks have turned to internet marketing as a way of earning a living for their families. Many of these entrepreneurial start-ups are making rapid cash and they have come to understand how to make money from home!

People who feel their way around cyberspace need coaching. One such coaching program is Rapid Cash Marketing.

Jeff Wellman, Dixie Brown and Paul Counts are masters of the Cyber Universe and I am telling you right now: THERE IS GREAT BIG NEWS COMING DOWN THE PIKE later this month! You need to understand that this is not just a bunch of hype; this program is going to EXPLODE.

My personal belief is that it will impact all of cyberspace. It will be seen as the Gold Standard for internet marketing techniques and strategies and other marketers will emulate the Rapid Cash Marketing group.

If you are an internet marketer, no matter what your experience level is, you would be very wise to check out the Tremendous Trio even BEFORE they become the Fresh Fab Four later this month! There are wonderful things in store and you won't want to be disappointed by not looking into the matter. GO HERE NOW.

Connie Baum

Friday, July 3, 2009

AutoPilot Wealth Institute is Going LIVE!

Oh, you guys! This is BIG! This is REALLY BIG AND EXCITING!

I just found out that the AutoPilot Wealth Institute is GOING LIVE! I have been dropping hints all over cyberspace that Keith Wellman's AutoPilot Wealth Institute and Rapid Cash Marketing were about to "marry..." WELL, it's no secret that the Institute is about to undergo some construction.

Jeff Wellman and his partners, Dixie Brown and Paul Counts are OFFICIALLY going to join forces with Keith Wellman, Jeff's son. They are announcing they intend to make AutoPilot Wealth Institute THE BEST ONLINE INTERNET MARKETING TRAINING CENTER THERE IS. Jeff said this: "We are ready to compete with the top training courses there are on the market that are offered by the big name players."

Jeff continued: "We are taking our Layoff Your Boss program and merging with AutoPilot Wealth Institute's Million Dollar Advantage Program. We have added some tremendous benefits and help for students looking to begin their journey to their own Internet Marketing Success."

"We are adding a 10 week INTENSIVE Traffic and Search Engine Optimization course to the already existing 12 week Million Dollar Advantage and Layoff Your Boss 3 training course. Also included in this massive package will be a 6-8 week intensive technical training course to help you knock down the tech challenges that seem to hole so many new marketers from ever reaching success."

Next, you'll find the Rapid Cash Marketing course, teaching you how to start making money online in the matter of hours and days to help you start realizing that making on the internet is a possibility FOR YOU. This Rapid Cash Marketing course comes with Private Label Rights to the THIRTY (30) Affiliate Marketing videos! Your own ready-to-sell product! You only need to drive traffic, which you will learn from the course!"

Jeff, Dixie and Paul will provide weekly LIVE Question/Answer calls to answer all the questions that pop up. NOTHING needs to hold you back from reaching your desired success! They stay on those Q/A calls until the questions stop flowing!

Folks, if this interests you even slightly, we encourage you to look things over. GO HERE NOW!

Oh, and by the way, Jeff told me that the price will go up by $200.00 as soon as the switch is made to the AutoPilot Wealth Institute platform.

What he did NOT mention? Jeff never said a word about the wedding cake. And I was so hoping there would be chocolate wedding cake with seven minute frosting.

Connie Baum

Internet Marketing at Its BEST?

The buzz has been deafening! Blogs are full of the info; emails are talking about it. We have been hinting at the "marriage plans" for some time now.

Very soon you will be able to be a part of the inner circle, yourself, when Lay Off Your Boss "marries" Autopilot Wealth Institute!

Business mergers take place every day. Big businesses gobble up the little guys all the time. This is not the same premise. This is the merger of TWO VERY SUCCESSFUL ENTERPRISES joining forces to GIVE THE PUBLIC THE VERY BEST IN INTERNET MARKETING.

The successes of Keith Wellman and his dad, Jeff, are legendary. Keith is so savvy that as a very young man, he founded a successful formula in a home business startup. SIDEBAR: You should SEE the home from which he works! It is a designer's dream! END SIDEBAR. More recently Keith has successfully launched a ground breaking new program that uses video skinning. Keith mentored his father to make Lay Off Your Boss possible. Each man's program is loaded with content and heart. They both intend to help anyone learn how to make a recession proof income.

Keith's Autopilot Wealth Program has features that will enhance the Rapid Cash Marketing concept. They will fit together like a hand in a glove. There will be changes as the product evolves but they will be seamless. When it comes to content, Jeff Wellman and his partners, Dixie Brown and Paul Counts are well known for over delivering. It does not matter if it is a Question and Answer session, a telephone consultation, or a Webinar--they give information and details; how-to's and tips that fill notebooks all around the world! Then, in surprise moves, Jeff, Dixie, and Paul will pop up with bonuses! THERE IS NO EQUAL FOR THIS KIND OF GENEROUS INSTRUCTION.

There is always accountability as a part of their equation, too. This partnership has set up Mastermind groups, they fully expect their students to bring their A game to the table and make money online by using the techniques and strategies they know will bring success!

Is it your goal to make money online?

Do you long to have a recession proof income?

Are you learning how to make money from home?

Would it be helpful to have access to a coaching program?

Stay tuned, boys and girls. The new program is coming to a computer near you. The "wedding" is about to take place. We'll keep you in the loop. Oh, and by the way, the new program, all inclusive, WILL BE AFFORDABLE. No kidding.

Connie Baum

PS/We ask again for your comments...perhaps you have been a student and wish to offer your own success story. Maybe you want to thank Jeff and Keith for doing such great work. In any case, we appreciate your remarks and remind you that you can remain anonymous or strut your stuff by leaving your URL.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Money Making Opportunity Coming to a Home Near You?

Hill's book is a must-have for internet marketers!

Most people who immerse themselves in business, whether it's an internet marketing enterprise or a brick and mortar affair, have at least heard of Napoleon Hill and his book, "Think And Grow Rich." It's the book many of us cut our business teeth on and got us thinking about our possibilities.

Napoleon Hill introduced me to the idea of masterminding. The concept is a deceptively simple one. He and a handful of his cronies met for dinner every Saturday night and problem solved. Each contributed to the others' success. As chronicled in his book, Hill and all his mastermind friends became gigantic successes in the business world.

Another gigantic success,
Jeff Wellman , put mastermind groups into place in his business, too. He was determined that his coaching students would be successful. He personally moderated these groups in the beginning. As his partners, Dixie Brown and Paul Counts came aboard his sailing ship, each of these groups has taken on a life of their own. They meet regularly and eagerly. Each participant is encouraged to share their projects to glean ideas and suggestions from their mastermind partners. These are not dinner meetings. Cyberspace dictates that we can now "meet" by telephone and/or the world wide web.

You may want to bring in some money; even some rapid cash. You might like to partner with someone to make money online. Perhaps you dream of having your own coaching program, or any number of other enterprises that would accommodate your earning a living, teaching others how to make money from home, how to have better skills for a favorite sport, or how to raise kids without going mad.

I was recently informed that mastermind groups can happen even without phones or computers. Yes, it's true. You can "invite" Napoleon Hill or Jeff Wellman or anyone whose business acumen you admire to consult with you. You call them to you, allowing their energy to permeate the ethers, mix with your own, and you can "pick their brain" to help you solve your problems, just the way Napoleon and his friends did it around a dinner table.

I know. It's much easier to find or create a physical mastermind group. If that is something that trips your trigger or you'd like to learn more about just CLICK HERE.

You know you are welcome to post your comments...if you have participated in a mastermind group we'd love to hear about it!

Connie Baum