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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Making Money Online: Key Words

In researching material for this post I came across a "making money online" blog that featured a video. That's not unusual, except that this video had nothing whatsoever to do with making money online.

What struck me about this was that this video and the accompanying post garnered 168 comments! WOW! That's a testament to Key Words and their power, particularly if you don't get all uppity and you relate to the people who come by your site.

The blogger in question is a family man, animal lover and seems to me to be a hard working marketer. He makes no claims to king size earnings with no effort; he assures you his strategies are not get-rich-quick plans.

There are a number of good recommendations on this guy's site. He points his visitors in the direction of various coaching programs and toots the horns of other successful marketers as shining examples of success.

This begs the question: What unique value do you offer to your blog visitors? How do you interact with them or do you interact at all? We are interested to know your story. You are welcome to leave your "resume" as a comment here.

If you are in the market for instruction in making money online, we offer our own recommendation: Rapid Cash Marketing's Coaching Program. Jeff Wellman, Dixie Brown and Paul Counts have brilliant strategies for key words, search engine optimization or any other thing connected with internet marketing. Besides that, whether you are new at internet marketing or have had previous experience,the Rapid Cash Marketing Team makes learning at every level more fun than a party!

Check them out here.

Connie Baum

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Coaching Program: Every Day is Saturday?

Does your Inbox bulge every morning? Do you have so many incoming messages that your feel your eyes cross just by looking at the influx?

It can be overwhelming.

As 2010 arrived and everyone vowed to resolve this, that or the other thing I have remained steadfast in my determination to simplify, focus, and have fun.
It is not difficult for me to hit “DELETE” when I am greeted by an inbox full of messages promoting various projects.

Before I hit the button to dump another message, I noticed a headline that captured my attention:

“Warning: This Video May Offend You.”

I’m not easily offended. I am curious. So I clicked. What did I have to lose? I could watch a short video; no sweat.

Sam Crowley of Every Day is Saturday fame and fortune was the presenter. I’d heard of Sam, even though I have not met him yet. His video was simple, straightforward and uncluttered. He was casually attired and it seemed to me he spoke from his heart. His message resonated with me, for whatever reason.

I firmly believe that to succeed in Internet Marketing you are wise to be guided by someone who has experience and your best interest at heart. As a matter of fact, that’s one of the reasons this blog was created. It’s important for newbies to know what is available to them to maneuver their journey to success.

Even though Sam suspected I’d be offended, I was not. Those who may have mocked his enterprise as he began to climb the ladder of success may have found the message offensive but I was just favorably impressed. I was intrigued that his headline could capture my attention, his message could hold my interest, and I found it telling that Sam’s message resonated with me so deeply.

If you Google Sam Crowley, as I have, you’ll find he is no stranger to Internet Marketing. His story is greatly appealing. Sam has followed his passion and capitalized on it in very clever ways. Regular people can relate to what he has to offer.

I’m in no position to change horses; I’m in the middle of a stream. I’m thrilled with the coaching program that keeps my PayPal account looking healthy. But if you have not made a choice to follow a leader you admire, you would do well to take a look at what Sam is doing.

No one program is the end all and be all. If you find a coaching program that meets your needs, by all means, follow your heart and your passion and give it your all.

Sam Crowley’s program may just resonate with you.

Tonight I’ll be on an important conference call with my marketer of choice. You do what’s right FOR YOU; only YOU can make that choice.

I’ll be keeping my life simple; I’ll keep my focus and I’m planning for so much fun that the Fun Police will just give up on finding me.

No doubt Sam Crowley will be following his passion and climbing his success ladder!

Where will you be?

Connie Baum
The FTC wants you to know there are links in this post. If these links are clicked, resulting in sales, your humble blogger will be fairly compensated. Use your due diligence in conducting commerce online and offline. Do business overnight only with people you trust implicitly.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Internet Marketing: Discover the Secret to Video Skinning?

This video is coming down TODAY!

Many have watched this video. There is still time for YOU to profit from it.

Keith Wellman promises it's coming down TODAY!

VIDEO: Discover the Secret to Video Skinning!

While many did watch this video and are probably profiting from it ... you may not have. Do NOT let this opportunity pass you by. It's coming down today.

Please take time to look seriously at this video: Discover The Secret To Video Skinning.

This will be your last chance to see this before it's gone.

Enjoy! And Profit!

Connie Baum

The FTC wants you to know that there are links in this post. If these links are clicked, resulting in sales, your humble blogger would be fairly compensated. Do your due diligence when conducting business online or offline. Do commerce only with those you trust implicitly.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Internet Marketing: You ARE an Affiliate! Part 6

Over the past few weeks we have covered various and sundry details about affiliate marketing as a work at home income for internet marketers. We've pretty much skimmed the surface and we highly recommend you work with a coaching program.

SIDEBAR: We can hook you up whenever you are ready! We know some of the best in the biz! END SIDEBAR.

We do have more bad news: Remember when we announced the high rate of failure of most blogs? Well, sad to say, 95% of affiliate products fail, too!

Don't despair. It happens when affiliate marketers go into this unprepared. If you do not over think the process, do your due diligence and research properly this is far less likely to happen to you.

Ideally, you should have your own product to promote. If you are a total newbie, though, you might be more comfortable to begin by using affiliate site such as or to begin. They make joining very easy and offer tutorials to help you through the initial process. As you grow your business you might like to work with .

Find affiliate products that complement your site. Do not promote products for weight loss on a pet grooming blog, as an example. People who opted in to your site do not expect recipes if you are showcasing and recommending woodworking tools.

Never, ever stoop to the level of hyping your products. Be honest. Remember, your own integrity is at stake. You don't want to trample your own reputation, after all. If you own the product and like it you can recommend it with no hesitation.

Use personal testimonies from real people. Here is a fine example from my own collection:


I just have to say that every time I come to your blog to read your review I leave
with a smile on my face.

As a coach and mentor myself it is a pleasure to find someone else that really
puts things in plain and simple truths and explanations, for the countless
number of beginners that are coming online to have a place to stop and find
exactly what they need to keep moving themselves forward.

Thank you, Connie, for the REAL And CARING EXPERTISE and advice you provide.

Jeff Wellman"

Thank you, Jeff. This makes ME smile.

Pay close attention to your Key Words so the search engines will find you.

You can easily cloak your affiliate links by utilizing the service of a link cloaking service site. I have used TinyURL ; my personal fave is .

Your successful career as an affiliate marketer will be determined by your commitment, your dedication, your due diligence. You are in control of your own destiny. Empowerment like that feels really good. Looking at your PayPal to see the increases will reinforce that.

We wish you the best of everything life has to offer: phenomenal success in affiliate marketing, working from home and making money online!

Connie Baum
The FTC wants you to know there are links in this post. If these links are clicked, resulting in sales, your humble blogger would be fairly compensated. Always do your due diligence when doing commerce online or offline. Do business only with those you trust implicitly.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Internet Marketing: Are Affiliates Using Video Skinning?

Video Skinning is a super simple way for affiliate marketers to make money online.

The whole idea of video skinning is to make a video, replacing the merchant sales letter. The video drives your readers directly to your order page, bypassing the sales letter.

You may have received an email message about Keith Wellman’s program featuring video skinning. Here’s hoping you had the time to view it. It is well done and contains loads of helpful information. Keith utilized the ‘Content is King’ principle very well. He carefully explained his service and the results have been stunning: 1200% more sales, at last report.

For those of you who are serious about affiliate marketing, this is one of the best and most recent tools available. It seems foolish not to utilize it to create income for you and those you love.

It’s interesting to learn about this first class method of selling. Video Skinning is currently dominating every niche for affiliate marketers. No surprise-here is the short list of reasons why-in addition to the conversion rate, of course:

• No need to point the camera to YOU. Great news if you are shy or having a bad hair day
• No need to be a professional speaker. Speaking from your heart trumps all

All you need to do is review the product you want to promote. This would be the responsible path to take. You owe it to your people to be responsible in promoting products and services you trust. Your integrity is at stake.

Your next step is to make simple presentations, using some of the aspects of a sales letter. The formula is simple and the beauty of it is that you can implement the whole process immediately! Who doesn’t love instant gratification?

Remember that conversion rate? 1200% is nothing to sneeze at! Common sense dictates that this Video Skinning will create more income for affiliate marketers with less heavy lifting!

All the testing indicates that video converts better than copy, so Video Skinning looks to be the process of choice.

Another point: The products in some niches are really great but the sales letters often do not do them justice. Video Skinning can boost the conversion rate. It all seems so simple and clear.


Keith Wellman is a busy guy. He insists that video won’t be available for long so it’s probably a good idea to scope it out ASAP. You would not want to be left in the dust, scratching your head and wondering why your conversion rate did not compare!

Connie Baum
The FTC wants you to know that there are links in this post. If those links are clicked, resulting in a purchase, your humble blogger would be compensated. Please use discretion when conducting commerce online or offline. Do business only with those you trust implicitly.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Internet Marketing: Are You an Affiliate? Part 5

So far we have covered affiliate marketing topics by discussing preparation, goal setting and rewards; as well as your commitment. We have addressed the issues of how people might search for a solution to their problems and we touched on the importance of content.

Where content is concerned this point cannot be overemphasized: CONTENT IS KING, so DON'T BE AFRAID TO OVER DELIVER. I'll give you an example of over delivering from my own online experience.

As soon as I enrolled with my marketer of choice I was invited to a conference call. I had not done very much with conference calls, except to have 3 way conversations. You have no idea how impressed I was when that first call went on for THREE HOURS with the marketer himself, personally answering any question thrown at him! That is classic over delivery!

Conversely, I received an email invitation to attend a webinar. The marketer who sent it was a marketer I am familiar with. I could see that I had a time slot open for the presentation so I signed up. The dilemma I faced was that the marketer was so excited about his program and presentation that he had neglected to mention the subject of it! I had no earthly idea what topic would be covered. Still, I ventured forth. (Silly me.) That's when I learned that the time zone was different. It did not matter what the topic was; the presentation time had been incorrect on the invitation.

The latter is a prime example of UNDER delivering, not testing the message sent out, and disappointing your followers. Unlike the guy in the first example, t isn't likely the second marketer garnered any brownie points that particular day.

Also concerning content, I have a bit of bad news to deliver. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but here it is:
Most blogs fail.
Sad but true, some bloggers fall short when it comes to content. These folks who fail are nice people and all; they mean well. It's just that even well meaning bloggers tend to load up their blog pages with things that go 'blinky-blinky' which is highly distracting.

Bloggers often fail to post on a regular, ongoing basis; they often insert inappropriate material into their pages. For instance, they might plug their favorite funny video from YouTube on their site, even though there is no relevance to the product they are reviewing or the marketing message they are sending to their visitors.

When affiliate marketers send email campaigns, they are tempted to clutter other peoples' inboxes with irrelevant material or content that does not pertain to the interest of the receiver. For example, if you are a marketer dealing with the pet niche, you don't want to bombard pet owners with information about weight loss or skin care products.

Content is king in every aspect of marketing: blogs, email campaigns, sales pages, webinars-the whole ball of wax. If you pay close attention to the details, you will find yourself on the top of the affiliate marketing heap and your family will appreciate that you are a work at home income earner.

Your comments indicate that you have found value in this series. We love hearing from you and appreciate your taking the time to read the posts and make the comments! Thank you.

Connie Baum