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Monday, August 31, 2009

Rapid Cash: Is THAT What Internet Marketing Offers?

You have made the leap. You have committed to spending a certain amount of time developing your work at home program. Maybe you are still working your J-O-B to get you by until you get this internet marketing and the rapid cash concept down pat.

You looked at your PayPal account and it didn't move. Or it didn't swell the way you had hoped it would.

Does this make you feel discouraged? Or, does it fuel your determination to make it all come together the way all those marketers SAID it did for them?

The guy from Lay Off Your Boss, Jeff Wellman, put his internet machine into high gear and made his mark IN THREE WEEKS! It has taken yours truly as an internet marketer, even availing myself of the finest coaching program, MUCH longer. But to be fair, Jeff does not have to cook, hang laundry or do the grocery shopping! I guess he does have to feed his chickens and teach kids how to do the Chicken Dance. That can be time consuming, all right.

Jeff wisely took in partners: Dixie Brown is the Tech Queen who brought with her three decades of corporate experience and expertise, as well as the personal touch in teaching the fine points of Tech Talk. Paul Counts is the Boy Genius of Search Engine Optimization. If you were to look in a dictionary under "Search Engine Optimization" I am confident Paul Counts' photo would be displayed.

This partnership offers much more than coaching, technical skills and strategies for search engine optimization. This offering cannot be purchased at any cost and is the most valuable tool in their entire arsenal. Each of these whiz kids has INTEGRITY, PASSION, and ENTHUSIASM. Add those elements to the great products they keep coming up with and you can build on whatever you have NOW. You will reach heights of success you never even imagined were possible.

This trio did not stop with this 3 way partnership. These three joined forces with Keith Wellman, longtime internet guru and mentor for his dad, Jeff. Now there is a powerful foursome in cyberspace and it is a force with which to be reckoned! The Question and Answer sessions these guys host are not only the ultimate in information, detail, strategy and personal connection; they are good-natured FUN.

If your internet marketing experience has not lived up to your hopes and expectations AND IF IT HAS NOT BEEN FUN, you need to look into the program called AutoPilot Wealth Institute. Do not be led astray by the name AUTOPILOT. It is NOT automatic, instant wealth. Internet marketing is labor and time intensive. But the rewards are phenomenal.

You are likely to want to check it out ASAP: AutoPilot Wealth Institute

Maybe you'll be on the very next Webinar with us!

Connie Baum

Monday, August 17, 2009

Mark Victor Hansen's Advice

If you can read and you have a home based business the chances are very good you are familiar with what Mark Victor Hansen has written in his Chicken Soup for the Soul series. If you were wise, you followed his good advice.

Of particular interest to me is something he wrote about expanding our imaginations. I suppose the reason it appealed to me is that I rather fancy FUN. If you know me well, you know that I will not be bothered to spend my time and energy on anything that is not full blown FUN.

Is it the little kid in me? Maybe. But Mark Victor Hansen advises us to remember the magic of our youth. Do you remember spending time daydreaming, lying on your back to study the patterns of the clouds? Do you recall running until you were breathless just for the joy of moving? Can you think back to times when you shrieked with pure delight and laughed until you hurt?

We have oodles of brain cells when we are born that just wait for us to give them direction. We are born rich, whether we acknowledge that or don't, and yet we get programmed by family, teachers, preachers, maybe even the conversations inside our own heads that we are this, that or the other and we suppose we are not good enough or not deserving enough...the list goes on and on.

Mark Victor Hansen advises us to "Predetermine the objectives you want to accomplish. Think big, act big and set out to accomplish big results."

We must focus on whatever we wish to have, be or do.

As internet marketers we must stop tagging after every scheme that comes down the pike, we must quit running from one coaching program to the next and signing up for every offer that comes into our inboxes. Find your niche. Do your due diligence. Be patient with yourself and the process. Celebrate your victories. Gather like minded people around you and form Mastermind Groups. And do remember to have fun with all of it.

Don't be attached to the outcome; follow your passion and learn as you go. Do be creative with your approach to your home based business and let your passion dictate the direction you take your internet marketing business. Solve other peoples' problems. Give them more than they expect. Nurture all your relationships. Cultivate creativity in every area of your life. An for goodness' sake, HAVE SOME FUN with your work!

All righty, then. I think I'll go jump on the trampoline now that the kids are back in school.

Connie Baum

Friday, August 14, 2009

Viral Ebook Explosion?

Raise your hand if you like F*R*E*E stuff...

I can't promise how long the goodies will last but I was just informed that Keith Wellman has a special gift that will blow you away! If you are new to internet marketing, you may not know that Keith Wellman is one of cyberspace's top notch marketers. He knows his stuff and he is well connected with other online gurus- like Jeff Dedrick, for example.

Keith tells me Jeff Dedrick is willing to give people all the tools needed to create with the push of a button your very own branded ebooks, crammed with your own cash producing affiliate links! All this at no cost to you.

SIDEBAR: I told you Keith is well connected. END SIDEBAR.

Keith says you should go here: Viral Ebook Explosion!

Here are the reasons why you would be wise to follow his advice:
  • Generate easy cash when people click your affiliate links and buy
  • Upload your branded ebooks into free ebook directories so they can be distributed all over the web with your affiliate links.
  • Build a name in the Internet Marketing Community
  • Give away your branded ebooks FOR F*R*E*E so you can build a huge list
  • Use these ebooks for bonuses for YOUR customers to boost your profits
Keith says there is more but advises all of us to see the system to believe it:

Viral Ebook Explosion!

He wants everyone to sign up NOW to gain instant, free access to the Viral Ebook Explosion member's area. He wants us all to start making profits from viral branded ebooks in moments. He declares this site is one of the coolest he has seen launch in awhile. And Keith knows websites.

He says we should hurry... ...Viral Ebook Explosion!

Connie Baum

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Internet Marketing: Questions, Anyone?

Internet marketing is not for the faint of heart. It is for action taking people who are self starters and eager to make an impact-on the world stage or on their bottom line!

Internet marketing by its nature offers a learning curve and may even require the subscription of a coaching program. Some newbies may have the notion that having a recession proof income by creating/maintaining a home business start up is synonymous with "get rich quick." While internet marketing has the possibility of rapid cash filling up your PayPal account, a top priority is to put into place the basics and learn correctly how to conduct your online enterprise.

Learning anything INcorrectly is quick and easy. UNlearning that incorrect subject takes a long time, great effort and would be unecessary if only you take the time for due diligence, covering the basics as you begin your online journey.

As you prepare to have a presence on the world wide web, it would be important to understand how to choose your domain name. You would need to do considerable research to find out what niche is calling to you and why. It helps to have guidance along those lines.

SIDEBAR: That's where a good coaching program will help to walk the crooked path of searching for niches and deciding on domain names. END SIDEBAR.

When it comes to domain selection, d o you understand where and how to purchase a domain name and why your choices would impact your business? Do you know how to decide the length of time covered with your new domain name?

Web hosting is critical. There are a myriad choices when picking out web hosting; it's not the same as shopping for shoes, though! What are the costs involved? What are the features? What does the fine print say about reasonable terms?

Autoresponders come in different "flavors" too. One autoresponder company whose name has appeared on this blog is well known for sending sox to people who took out bragging rights! They have even sent mail to the homes of their customers. One woman reported that they TELEPHONED her personally after she set up her account, just to make sure all was well. Can you say, "Customer Service?" Autoresponder companies can help you with your email marketing campaigns and list management. Remember: the profit is in the list!

What other burning questions might be posed as you light up cyberspace with your presence, your goods and services? And where will you go to find the answers? The Mountain Guru might suggest 'going within' and that's fine. But when it comes to the technical aspects of online marketing you need a professional.

The first program that comes to mind is the Fresh Fab Four: Jeff Wellman, Dixie Brown, Paul Counts and Keith Wellman are constantly rolling out surprises and top drawer content with their AutoPilot Wealth Institute.

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned marketer you will gain insights and fresh understanding when you invite these experts to partner with you in your internet marketing business. These good people are all about your success, so don't procrastinate; check them out ASAP!

Connie Baum

Monday, August 10, 2009

Making Money Online: Content is King

Making money online as an online marketer, using affiliate marketing strategies or email campaigns; or providing services and goods to your target market is an art and a science.

Whether you are full time or part time in your efforts to maintain a work-at-home enterprise it's critical to keep in mind that CONTENT IS KING. If it's a blog post you are creating, it needs to contain material that is helpful and useful to your reader or they are GONE. When you are preparing a Webinar, make sure you have covered every key point thoroughly so the attendees' time will be well spent. Email campaigns will be much more effective when you take the time to prepare and edit your message, taking care to make it relevant to your list.

Here is a horrible example of a message where content was NOT king: My inbox recently filled up with "urgent" offers I could not live without. I make every effort to keep an open mind, so I clicked on the first one, not sure what to expect. This is what I found:
" Dear (NameFix!)
the message

This was not what that marketer had in mind, I'm sure. It is very easy to TEST those outgoing messages. This fellow was so eager to enter my email inbox that he neglected that one very important detail: Send yourself a TEST message.

Another problem that crops up when making money online is that spelling or grammar are not good in the messages or presentations that leave your autoresponder. While that can be endearing in some cases, it also comes across as unprofessional so making every effort to write and proof read with care is a good idea.

It's enervating to readers to be constantly bombarded with sales pitches of every stripe and description. Let your target audience know what you have to offer. Then, graciously allow them to buy. Or not.

As an internet marketer it is not your job to hound and harass. It is your job to enlighten and enable. When your CONTENT IS KING, you can accomplish this task with ease and integrity.

For more detailed ideas about making money online, check this out:

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Internet Marketing: Can You Make Money At Home?

What are the KEY POINTS to unlocking the doors of opportunity?

The economy has tanked. Groceries are priced higher than ever. Gas is costly. Even getting a haircut is getting to be out of reach. What's a family to DO?

The choices are dizzying, really.

Let me tell you about one enterprising fellow: He has a golden throat and wants to read aloud for cash. IT IS HIS PASSION; THIS IS A KEY POINT.

This man made it his life's work to cultivate and nourish relationships. He understands that people purchase goods and services from others whom they like and trust. He did not simply show up unannounced and unexpected to let others know he is ready to provide the masses with his voice services. No, he carefully cultivated business relationships with others and he GAVE them-ANOTHER KEY POINT-samples of his best work.

Some of his contacts had never thought of using a recorded voice in their marketing campaigns or their products. He offered them a new paradigm, backed up by a strong relationship of friendship and integrity. When his contacts are ready, they will call him. He also gave them incentives so they'll call sooner rather than later.

Smart, huh?

He works from home. He is an internet marketer who is successful at making money online. He is also inspiring other marketers to think outside the box. He is helping business people in his circle of influence to increase THEIR profits. People want to know, "What's in it for ME?" so do keep that in mind as you mull over your options about how to make money from home. Remember this example as you find new ways to strut YOUR stuff and recession proof YOUR income.

Connie Baum

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

AWeber: Will It Help YOUR Email Campaigns?

As far as internet marketing goes, email campaigns must surely be effective; otherwise they would not continue to swell our Inboxes. Email marketing can grow your business, depending how you create, manage and optimize your plan. It's all about planning a strategy and taking action to work your plan.

Whenever you create an email marketing campaign, you need to understand it's not like emailing your college buddies or all your relatives. It's not as simple or thoughtless as just hitting "Forward" and getting a message out to everyone who uses the internet and has an email account!

Email marketing campaigns take thought and care. It's important to offer great content and give your reader a reason to take the action you desire. This does not happen willy-nilly.

I struggled mightily with an email broadcast recently. It's my position that every email I send need not be a sales pitch. I want to establish and maintain a relationship with the people on my lists, not simply promote products to them. So I spent some effort creating the just the exact message I wanted to convey. Of course, I wanted to TEST it before it went to the masses.

Not being the most technically gifted internet marketer on the planet I managed, without even knowing it, to LOSE my entire broadcast message!

What may have been disastrous at the most and an annoying inconvenience at the least had a happy ending because AWeber has plenty of online assistance. I can choose from the online chat or I can phone in for a consultation. Thanks to Rachel, bless her heart. She got me out of the silly pickle I had created all on my own!

Sometimes email campaigns will result in people dropping out of your loop. They unsubscribe or they send cranky messages in response. The best advice in these cases is not to take these events personally. Sometimes people are just not that "into" you or your product or your website or your look. It's best to take note, learn whatever the lesson is and move on in life. If you and your email recipient are not on the same page, it's not a good fit. It's all right. You are all good people.

If you are an internet marketer you should know that there is a veritable education available from the annals of Aweber on the topic of email campaigns.They offer helpful interviews, tutorials, videos, and webinars at convenient times. The presentations they offer are succinct, timely and professional.

If you are looking to use email messages in your business' online marketing strategies and you don't know about AWeber, I strongly encourage you to get acquainted with them. Take them for a Test Drive. It's not exactly like getting a new car but it's a pretty sweet deal.

Connie Baum