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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Make Money Online: What is YOUR Question?

Do you make money online?

If you do, the chances are great that your project or enterprise raises questions from time to time. Where can you go to find answers?

Here are a few questions that might pop up:

Question #1: Can you re-purpose your articles by submitting them, with some changes to the copy, in different venues?

Answer: Yes. Here are a few examples of what can be done with articles: You can edit them for use as blog posts, original articles on different article submission sites and webinar presentations. So long as they meet the criteria of Web 2.0 sites, you can submit them to those, as well.

Question #2: Must I always write my own articles and blog posts? I am working a full time job while learning to make money online as a weekend project so I have no time to create articles or blog posts.

Answer: Certainly. There are websites you can visit to find people to help you. One of those is Odesk. You might ask people in your community to help you, too. Sometimes students are helpful in this regard; you may have family members with whom you can barter and get this accomplished.

Question #3: I'm shy about asking questions, for I don't want to appear foolish.

Answer: Everyone is entitled to learn in a safe and supportive environment. Your question might help someone else to learn from the answer, so it is really a disservice to others as well as yourself not to speak up! If you are looking for a good, safe learning environment here is a fine suggestion: Click here: LEARN HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE

Question #4: What if I'm not even sure I can manage an internet marketing business?

Answer: With the proper resources it can be done handily. We've met two little girls, aged 9 and 11, who have taken it upon themselves to manage a website that sells their products successfully. They have set up a PayPal shopping cart and the whole enchilada. You can see how well they have done for yourself by clicking here: SewingKits4Kids It's not clear if they had 'make money online' coaching but the fact of the matter is that they DO make money online!

The success that goes with internet marketing is sweet and attainable.


Your questions can be answered by clicking here.

Connie Baum

Friday, October 23, 2009

Internet Marketing News: Coaching Program Relaunches?

Not so long ago a new internet coaching program was launched featuring Jeff Wellman, Dixie Brown and Paul Counts.

For those who may not know, Jeff Wellman had the chutzpah to lay off his boss and became an internet marketing sensation. Dixie Brown brought all her technical expertise with her from a lucrative career in the corporate world and they partnered to become highly successful internet marketing superstars with their unique approach to their coaching program. These two are also well known for their integrity, humor and caring hearts.

That's when Paul Counts got on board. He, too, has impeccable integrity and the gift of knowing more about search engine optimization than practically anyone. He is a real expert in this area but he also understands every facet of internet marketing because he is successful online in his own right. He teaches with Jeff and Dixie as part of the Rapid Cash Marketing program. Together they are The Tremendous Trio.

Rapid Cash Marketing made a big splash and it has been profitable for many of those who work at home or pursue part time business opportunities. But these three are legendary for under-promising and over-delivering...they felt there were holes here and there, so they tweaked their formula just a tad, filled those teeny little holes and are now relaunching the same program with new updates.

I suppose one could compare it to the upgrade Microsoft just made the other day, except that Jeff, Dixie, and Paul were not on every television screen in every home in America. Those three were quietly coaching their many students around the globe. They were answering support tickets. They were conducting coaching calls. All three were working together to prepare webinars, bonus products, and making sure every student's needs were being met and exceeded. This Tremendous Trio from Rapid Cash Marketing were fielding questions from England, from Canada, from every state in the Union. Quietly. Efficiently. Deftly. With extreme care.

They have loads of information about making quick cash online. They are eager to answer any question about the nuts and bolts of how to launch and manage a successful online business.

Do YOU have questions that need answers? Do you have an online business or internet marketing idea you could use some help to launch? Are you a seasoned marketer but you feel stuck and need some fresh ideas?

There is every possibility you peeked in on Rapid Cash Marketing when it first arrived on the scene but the timing was not right for you. If that's the case, you will be keenly interested in the relaunch of the new and improved Rapid Cash Marketing coaching program.

Here's where you get the straight skinny: Rapid Cash Marketing Relaunch

Connie Baum

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Article Marketing for Traffic Generation?

When Mary was in "kindergarten" class for internet marketing her very first homework assignment was to write articles. This first assignment was intended to generate an online 'traffic jam' by sending readers to Mary's website, where she could show off her Widgets, enticing people to buy them from her. Mary's internet coach meant not to overwhelm but to guide her as she made her way along a learning curve to a successful home based business career.

Alas, Mary saw article writing as time consuming. She insisted she felt inadequate; besides, she claimed she did not have the time to write every day. Mary could not recognize her own life experiences as having value, so she turned in an 'incomplete' and turned in few assignments. The result: Mary did not generate enough traffic to keep her in the 'make money online' game for long.

Someone said Mary recently applied for public assistance and moved into low income housing.

IF ONLY, Mary could have generated one or two articles a day every day except Sunday perhaps she could have earned a comfortable living.

The coaching program Mary foolishly left behind had her best interest at heart. Mary just did not understand that by creating quality content on a consistent basis she could have established herself as an expert following a distinguished career as a teacher!

Moreover, if only Mary had made the effort to submit well written articles with premium content to article submission sites on a consistent basis she might be living an entirely different life.

How would it affect traffic generation to YOUR website if you were to submit quality content on a regular basis? And how do you suppose that might impact YOUR income?

Wouldn't it be worth the time and effort to follow through on that idea?

Incidentally, if you are in the market for a Team of coaches who would keep YOUR best interest at heart, I can link you up. Check it out RIGHT HERE!

Connie Baum

Monday, October 19, 2009

Coaching Programs and MeetUps?

With a relaunch program looming, Jeff Wellman and Dixie Brown of the Rapid Cash Marketing Team recently hosted a MeetUp in Iowa for a group of their students.

Internet marketing coaching programs can be found all over the internet. I defy anyone, however, to find a program or a coach with the integrity and heart that Jeff and Dixie displayed in the event they held for us.

These people have the skills and patience to make sure we students understand the material we have been given in our lessons to become highly successful in our own internet marketing pursuits.

The range of applications at our gathering was not only mind boggling, but interesting. Everyone learned from one another and we all feel better equipped now to pursue our blogs, our websites, our marketing efforts with new zeal and a new appreciation for what we are experiencing.

It was so much fun to introduce the man from Lay Off Your Boss to a fresh faced kid who was clearly in awe of Jeff Wellman. It was heartening to enter an eatery and see our very own Dixie Brown greeted with hugs from the patrons there. They all presumed we were Dixie's family and Dixie assured everybody they would be correct about that! It was difficult when this precious event came to a close and we had to say our "so longs" to one another.

There are live events happening all over the country from time to time. If you can go to a live event you will experience the magic that happens when marketers come together to look at new ideas, different strategies and meet the people who earn their livelihood online every day.

Whether you are marketing articles, blogging, or selling widgets you can recharge your internet batteries and breathe new life into your home based business, your affiliate marketing sources and learn about your own product creation and launch.

If you have a coaching program that is helping you to be successful in the arena of internet marketing, bless you. If you are struggling with the technical aspects of making money online or you are less than pleased about your PayPal balance, you would be wise to look into the new and improved Rapid Cash Marketing program.

Connie Baum

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Money, Money, Money: Are You Getting YOURS?

We peruse a newspaper every Sunday, searching for the best buys in food so we can shop wisely. We wait for our favorite mall to put 'SALE' tags on clothing we would buy if only we felt things were priced right.

Are we shopping around for Internet Marketing deals and Coaching Programs?

Wait til you get a load of this: Rapid Cash Video for people who are serious about making rapid cash online.

The above mentioned video is not likely to be up very long because the Rapid Cash Marketers will not be able to correctly handle more students than they have allotted space to

Jeff Wellman, Dixie Brown and Paul Counts WANT EVERYONE TO SUCCEED the way their current students are succeeding!

These people have already improved a program that was incredible when it was first launched! The reason? They are widely known for over delivering their goods!

The improvements they've made are for real. You may recall a time in history when garish medallions were slapped onto detergent packages, touting "New and Improved" but what actually was new? The color of the packaging was the only difference. The soap was the same old-same old product. Rapid Cash Marketing has been REINVENTED.

You won't be sorry for looking into it. Particularly if you are interested in getting Rapid Cash!

Connie Baum

Monday, October 12, 2009

Do They GET You With the Headline?

If your Inbox is anything like mine, you get oodles of emails every little bit.

Depending who sends them, I read the important looking ones and move on. The "delete" button is my friend.

This headline caught my attention: "Internet Marketing for Smart People" and opened it because A/I like most everything that comes down the pike from this blog and B/They had a really great post about headlines recently. I was "GOT."

Turns out this blogger, Sonia Simone, thinks I am smart simply because I read her blog! She said so directly:
"There’s no delicate way to put this. If you’re a regular Copyblogger reader, you’re just . . . well . . . smarter than most people looking to market online."

There was a four point explanation about the benefits of being a Copyblogger reader and I won't go into that because I want YOU to go there for yourself. If you are as smart as I suspect you are, you'll leave here immediately and go there:

Hurry, because Sonia, Jon and Brian take turns loading every post with quality content, imparting wisdom laced with humor. Even the COMMENTS are worth checking out.

There is an email update box on the upper left side of their page. Please add your information there so YOU, too, can be smarter than most people looking to market online!

Connie Baum

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Internet Marketing: What 3 Things Are Critical to Your Success?

There are a number of key factors that are instrumental to any internet marketer's success. You could make a list that would be at least as long as a kid's wish list for Santa Claus.

For now let's just look at these: 3 Things Critical to Your Success:
  1. Find YOUR niche. Does the niche you represent REPRESENT YOU? Does your niche reflect your passion, your personality, your goals for your life?
  2. Be persistent. You won't find glory in working an hour a week. It's not fair to blog once every three months and be surprised there's been no impact.
  3. Take action. Research everything you must, decide what you want to do and what you'd like the outcome to be. Then act on your decision every day, tweaking things where you need to make changes and do NOT stop until your goal has been reached.
I want to tell you about a bright young woman whose cheery voice I hear from time to time on conference calls. She is charming, savvy and she KNOWS these top 3 faves because she performs them faithfully no matter what. Her questions on these calls are relevant; her expertise is obvious when she helps to provide answers for other peoples' questions and she is the first person to step up and help those who lack her technical expertise.

This young lady is highly competent when it comes to WordPress blogs, flipping websites, product creation and affiliate marketing. She understands the nature and need when it comes to quality content; added value; and solving problems.

Let's call this go-getter Laurie. Some time ago I noticed that Miss Laurie was conspicuously absent from our regular call schedule. We all understand that life happens but when Laurie's voice was silent for so long, I began to consider that something might be awry.

As it happened, Laurie's father had fallen ill and passed away. This series of events may have tempted Laurie to stop working on all her internet projects but she knew her father would want her to pursue her dreams.

While working online one morning, Laurie discovered that an online guru she had long admired was making a fantastic offer. She contacted this marketer and volunteered to provide a bonus the guru could use. She was disappointed when her generous offer was immediately rejected.

SIDEBAR: Note #2 above. Laurie was not going to let rejection deter her. She kept on keepin' on! Good on YOU, girl! END SIDEBAR.

While Laurie went about her online business the guru had a change of heart. She contacted our persistent friend and agreed to take her up on the offer, after all. Now they are working on their NEXT PROJECT.

What three things in your internet marketing would help you reach your goals and bring YOU to the kind of success you yearn for and deserve?

Connie Baum

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Blogging and Big Brother?

Today's post begins with this disclaimer: Nobody paid me to write anything on any of my blogs. EVER. Period.

Everyone with a pc, cell phone, television or radio is acutely aware of the hoopla that has been discussed in the past few days about bloggers receiving money or products in exchange for their review of products.

In the case of Rapid Cash Review, your humble blogger has been known to take out bragging rights on a number of things, not the least of which would be the world's #1 internet marketing coaching program. The people involved with Lay Off Your Boss 3, Rapid Cash Marketing, Autopilot Wealth Institute, Easy Sales Formula and I M Tech Talk are people who have personal integrity and honor. Their programs stand on their own merit.

They do not need to bribe someone to say nice things about them. These people have done the same things they teach ALL their students to do: offer quality content; solve peoples' problems; take action and make impact.

As for some of the companies' products and services I have boasted about-ToothSoap, Open Cloud RSM backup system and and Aweber just to name a few-I'll have you know I buy their products on a regular basis and because I believe in them so strongly I have made it my life's work to be sure everybody knows about those quality items in order for others to live THEIR best lives!

So, what do YOU want and need? Rapid Cash Review probably could link you up to whatever will make your life better.

Your comments about this issue or any of the products and services mentioned are quite welcome on this page. Just click "COMMENTS" to post your opinion and have your say! Thank you very much.

Connie Baum

Monday, October 5, 2009

Money Isn't Everything?

“Money isn’t everything but it rates right up there with oxygen”
-Zig Ziglar, Motivational Speaker

How is YOUR quest for wealth progressing? Do you feel as if you are meeting your financial goals? Does your financial future look on paper the way you envisioned it in your head?

If you are looking for improvement, may I offer you a suggestion?

How would you like to have a team of experts helping you to learn how to bring a stream of income-real money-into your household RAPIDLY? Would an extra hundred dollars make a difference to you and those you love? How would an extra thousand dollars impact your family? Money isn't everything but it certainly helps!

What if I told you there is a team of experts at the ready? All you need to do is scope them out and let them be your guides. Follow their lead and the money will come.

These experts are uniquely qualified to help you with your income. You must by now be aware that internet marketing is the new way of doing business. Would you appreciate having help in navigating the world wide web?

Let me introduce to you the woman who spent three decades at a major Fortune 500 company, the man who had the courage to lay off his boss, and a ‘kid’ who became a search engine optimization specialist: Dixie Brown, a Tech Genius; Jeff Wellman, internet professor extraordinaire; and Paul Counts, who is a Boy Wonder.

These people have it ALL going on! They are consummate internet professionals whose integrity is impeccable, whose skills are unmatched and whose expertise is the very finest. Not only THAT, these people have heart. They each have a passion to teach their students in every way that will help them to learn, no matter the style of learning that works best.

You may be comfortable where you are. That’s fine. If you crave change and yearn to squeeze more out of life than you have had, then you are well advised to join the ranks of other internet marketers who have enjoyed success under their tutelage.

One student worried about never seeing the coaches or having any contact. She was pleased when she realized they take your hand and guide you PERSONALLY. Another has been watching her PayPal account grow with regularity-she said, “I’m beginning to feel like a real pro!”

Just take a look and see what is available. Click on these words and you will be transported so you can live the healthy and wealthy life of your dreams!

Just like Zig says, “Money isn’t everything but it rates right up there with oxygen!”

Connie Baum

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Internet Marketing, Making Money and Resell Rights?

Did you know there is rapid cash to be made using products with Resell Rights?

This is exciting news!

To gain from Resell Rights it's important to have a hot niche. Let's suppose you've identified YOUR hot niche and let's go one step further with that. Let's say you also have the endorsement on this product by a well respected internet marketing guru. He or she has put a personal seal of approval on this product and YOU are allowed to promote and resell it!


Before you take any action with this gem, be sure to look at the LICENSE. What does it allow you to do? What does it restrict?

Furthermore, if you like the terms of the license, is the content top quality? If the answer is no, then move on to something worthwhile.

In order to take the best advantage of a resell situation, it is critical and incumbent upon you to make that product your own. Infuse YOUR personality and YOUR language into your product. Tweak your sales page to feature your ideas, your words, your philosophy to reflect YOU. Enhance the value of it.

After all, you have a relationship with your customer list and your potential customer base. Utilize that relationship. Cultivate it and help solve their problems.

You will give yourself the edge by bundling this resell product with other items. You can add value and increase your own credibility if you put this hot new thing together with pictures and graphics, video tutorials and seminars or one-on-one contacts. These things will ensure that YOU will become the marketer of choice, enjoying a preferred status!

Learn how to leverage your position. Understand what it means to offer an upsell or a one time offer or even a membership to your people. Find and enjoy every advantage there is to upselling and taking Resell Rights to the next level. Your internet marketing business will follow and the rewards will be great.

I told you this is exciting!

If you need assistance to understand the nuts and bolts of this type of promotion don't hesitate to call in the 'Marines' at Rapid Cash Marketing.They are MASTERS at using Resell Rights to the best advantage and would be charmed to teach you precisely how it's done!

Connie Baum