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Monday, November 2, 2009

Aweber as My New BFF?

Yes, my new best friend forever is a communications company in Pennsylvania!

You've heard me brag about AWeber. I think I told you about the pair of SOCKS AWeber sent to one of my gurus. Well, my guru is going to go through the roof when he finds out that Chase, one of many delightful and helpful representatives who work the phones on AWeber's help line sent ME a token of his gratitude.
I was the one who owed a debt of gratitude! I had 23 messages all queued up and when I sent a TEST message to make sure all was well, ALL WAS NOT WELL. The messages were BLANK!

Chase came riding into my world on a white steed! He saved the day by showing me how to repair the damage. Furthermore, Chase knew WHY the error had come about and taught me how to avoid that issue again.

Naturally, I expressed my thanks to Chase. I even filled out a little survey to brag on him. He deserved it!

You have NO IDEA how surprised I was when I opened my mail to discover a gift FROM CHASE AT AWEBER, mind you!

Here is a tip for all internet marketers: You NEED AWeber in your quest to make money online! They are Top Dog when it comes to email newsletters, HTML email templates, autoresponders, and email statistics. They are genius when it comes to blog newsletters, personalization, and split testing. If you are doing affiliate marketing or list building their services are critical for you to have.

When it comes to customer solutions the AWeber team members are patient-I know this from personal experience!-and knowledgeable. They are courteous and personable; they GET how to solve problems quickly and efficiently.

Here's the best news of all: AWeber is affordable and I'll tell you right now it is some of the best money I ever spend on my business. It's a great value and worth every shekel.

If you haven't met AWeber yet, you are in for a treat. If Chase answers your call, please tell him hello from me, won't you?

Here's where you go to meet them: AWeber!

Connie Baum


  1. Hey Connie,

    I'm the affiliate manager here at AWeber. I saw
    your post about Chase and I must say, its created
    quite the buzz around the office.

    So much so, I had to give it a tweet out :)

  2. Thanks, Ron. And thanks to Aweber for such great customer service!

    Connie Baum