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Saturday, April 25, 2009

What Are Squeeze Pages?

If you are new to internetwork marketing you may not know what a "Squeeze Page" is. You may, however, be familiar with the term "Landing Page."

They are one in the same.

The purpose of this kind of page is to list a number of benefits to the products you have on your website to tap into the visitor's desire to become your customer.

Once your visitor has put his name and email address into your opt-in box, his information will be confirmed by your AutoResponder system. Your visitor-turned-prospect, will then instantly receive the Thank You message you created just for this purpose. This message is automatically sent to every person who offers their name and email information. They feel comfortable to do this because you have promised them you will never share this information, not even with your dog.

As soon as you have a name and an email, you have begun to create a list. You have someone to whom you can send information, offer your services and goods up for their approval. You can even create your own product!

Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

Well, internet marketing IS fun. It's much more fun than worrying about job security, possible unemployment, unemployment "benefits" and all the rest of the stress that goes with the workaday world.

It IS fun to create series of Autoresponder messages, develop interviews, gather testimonials, and learn to position yourself in the search engines When you are an internet marketer, you are free to create written material, videos, audios. The potential is virtually endless. Pun intended.

Personally, I consider my own journey into cyberspace in its infancy. Despite a steep learning curve, I am progressing rather well for a kid my age. I've been 33 for awhile now. No matter what your age, experience or passion, internet marketing is a fascinating proposition.

I heartily recommend internet marketing. Just like old age, though, it's not for sissies.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Are YOU Making Money Online?

I think we can all agree that anyone with a computer and an internet connection has received innumerable offers they "can't refuse" to surf cyberspace and make a fortune with this guru, that coach or this system, that program. "All you have to do is sign up, download the information"--you know the drill all too well.

There are many pieces to this puzzle we call internet marketing. It's important to identify all the pieces so you can proceed successfully. If you are intent on making money online in a home based business, you owe it to yourself and those you love to look carefully and objectively at the big picture.

Does the offer you are considering show you how to build a customer list? Do they explain why that's critical? Have they made support available to you if you need help with finding your niche, domain selection, hosting and making One Time Offers? Is someone assigned to help you with Search Engine Optimization, and do you understand why that is an important component to the whole picture? What is your would-be seller offering you in the way of online strategies in order to make money online? What claims, if any, do they make with respect to residual income? Do they mention affiliate marketing and the realities of working as a freelance writer or internetworker?

I was absolutely clueless-naive, if you will-about all these issues when an offer was presented to me. I could see the potential of an online career, but I had no idea there would be pitfalls or what those might entail. There were many meltdowns before I found THE program that met my needs, solved my problems, taught me the BASICS and served as my own personal cheering section.

I would admonish anyone who wants to launch their very own home based business and climb the ladder to success to follow their passion, their instincts, and the advice of people you trust.

There is a perceived sense of urgency about getting into programs, coupled with claims, promises, suggestions and glamour. TAKE YOUR TIME. Don't order the first thing that comes to your Inbox. And don't expect instant results once you get underway.

My own journey into cyberspace is still very much a work in progress. I have learned a great deal and there is more to grasp. Much more important to me, though, is that I am having the time of my life and linking up with talented people from all over the globe. I've made a few bucks and while that was my initial motivation, I have come to realize that it is more gratifying for me to help others along the way than it is to have a check. My own personal passions are people, health, food, people, and helping others. Oh, and did I mention people?

It is my fervent hope that this post has been helpful for you. Your comment would cheer my heart. You are welcome to look at the advertisements on this page if you are in the market for something to launch or boost your effort to make money online.

Connie Baum

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Are You a Beginner in the Wonderful World of Internet Marketing? Do You Know How To Build a Customer List?

When I began Rapid Cash Review 43 posts ago, I invited you readers to travel with me. This way we can learn together and grow in knowledge and understanding of the workings of conducting business on the internet. My fervent hope is that you will utilize the "Comments" box as we go along. That way I won't feel so alone...and neither will you.

Maybe I'm reaching a new plateau? Could be. As new information creeps into my consciousness, I am letting it jell in my brain. I've come up with a few pointers to share with you. I offer them in the hope that it will help you in your journey. Hey, we're all in this together, right? Let's help one another and let's work on How To Build a Customer List.

I can almost hear all of you, right this moment, asking aloud and in unison: "How DO I build a customer list?"

Surely you'll want to know the nuts and bolts of building a customer list. Before we go THERE, though, let's talk about that list. You must have a list and beyond that, it must be a RESPONSIVE list. The people who come to your blog or your website are not just names or addresses. They are living, breathing human beings who want to be recognized and needed. They have problems to solve and you are uniquely qualified to help them solve their problems. It is imperative that you interact with your list to build, nurture and cultivate your relationship with the people on your list.

As a prerequisite to building your list, you will need to identify an as-yet-unmet need in a specific niche. You will find an appropriate domain name, acquire a hosting account and enroll in a program that provides automatic response messages. SIDEBAR: My autoresponse messenger of choice would be Aweber. I'm not saying this to get a pair of socks, although I know a guy who GOT a pair of socks for bragging Aweber up! END SIDEBAR. You will use this simple method to keep in touch with your subscribers on a regular basis and send out occasional broadcast messages.

One of the fundamentals has to do with building a list of subscribers to your website or blog. The purpose for building a list is very straightforward: That's where the money is. You are going to help solve their problems. You are going to over deliver. You are going to give them more than they ever dreamed and they will thank you by being your loyal customer.

The collection of a name and an email address can be done by placing a box in the upper right hand corner or center of your site or your blog-above the "fold" if it were a newspaper. Just ask for their first name and primary email address so you can send them reports, information, newsletters, and special offers.

Assure your visitors that you will never abuse that information by selling, renting, loaning, giving or publishing it. Where you have your little box, have them click to send THEIR PERMISSION to you to keep in touch with them. This is not a "submit" button. This is a "yes, I want to have your information/gift/offer NOW" button.

As soon as your visitor gives you permission to send information, your AUTOMATIC RESPONSE PROGRAM will activate and they will have to CONFIRM that yes, they want to participate in receiving your messages.

This is not going to be a place where your visitors fill out a dozen boxes of data where they give facts about their firstborn, their work history, or any thing else. Just a first name and an email address will suffice. If your relationship with this visitor advances to the point where this visitor is meeting your entire extended family for a holiday visit, you can deal with that at a much later time!

Please let me remind you that the names you collect in this manner are NOT buyers. They are living, breathing people with feelings and ideas and expectations. Your job as the Gate Keeper of this list is to care about them, nurture them, feed them information, ideas and tips and you will over deliver every time. You will help them in every way possible. One day some of these people may become your customers and then you will understand why it is said that the money is in the list.

Here's hoping you got a new perspective on one of the basics of internetworking. If this was helpful for you, and even if it was not, please take advantage of the Comments box and let us hear from you.

Rapid Cash Marketing

Connie Baum

Monday, April 20, 2009

You've Got Questions? Rapid Cash Marketing Has Answers!

There are Question and Answer Sessions, and then, again, there are QUESTION and ANSWER SESSIONS. Today's conference call was one of the latter.

The call began with a frank discussion of PLR-Private Label Rights products. We learned, all because of a member's question, that PLR is orginal content; it is an outsource item that is sold for original content and it is sold in bulk. We were cautioned to read the Resale Rights in order to know what can be done with the products as the rules surrounding their use can vary. It is important for buyers of PLR products to be able to claim them for their own.

SIDEBAR: I would never have known that if I had not been participating in that call. Unless I stumbled willy-nilly onto the information serendipitously. END SIDEBAR

Also concerning PLR items, we were reminded to submit them to article directories, such as or that can be found by doing an online search-making use of the "resource box." PLRs can provide blog posts, as well. It was mentioned the material could even be used in audio applications. The whole purpose of this PLR content is to generate traffic so as to give YOU, the online marketer, credibility in your niche or area of expertise. We were encouraged not to be complacent and to think outside the box. It was also noted that persistence pays off big time.

The whole discussion of article marketing gave me the wild notion to do "100 articles in 100 days." A wise friend suggested that might be biting off more than I'd care to chew. Maybe I'll do 10 articles in 10 days...I don't want to take time away from reviewing The Tremendous Trio, after all.

Jeff Wellman and Dixie Brown made sure we were up for TAKING ACTION. They are great leaders and teachers and they make dandy cheerleaders. Their affable honesty and good natured humor make me WANT to take action and do a good job of preparing high quality articles, top quality content, first quality blog posts.

YOU, dear reader, will be the ultimate judge of the quality of the content here. If you read this page and you don't think my presentation is worth commenting on, I'll know I flunked the class.

Maybe you have questions about laying off your boss or doing a home based business or earning some rapid cash. If you post your question in the comment box at the bottom of this post, I'll be charmed to help you find the answers you seek. And, may I remind you that there is no dumb question.

Rapid Cash Marketing

Connie Baum

Today Is the Day: Rapid Cash Marketing Q/A Call!

Mondays are great!

I woke up WAY before breakfast because I am excited to sit at the feet, so to speak, of Jeff Wellman, Paul Counts, and Dixie Brown. These phenomenal people are the brains, the brawn and the beauty behind the wildly successful new program we all know and love: Rapid Cash Marketing!

Today's call will be a BONUS. Our Friday webinar was filled with information on how to make money online using the proven strategies utilized in the illustrious careers of our fearless leaders. They all have walked the walk so when they talk the talk, IT PAYS TO LISTEN. Literally. Today's bonus call will be filled with questions and answers. I always appreciate these Q/A calls because invariably someone asks the question I wish I had thought to ask.

If you have questions about how to accomplish success with your online endeavor, Rapid Cash Marketing is a good place to be. TODAY, already.

Rapid Cash Marketing

Connie Baum

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easy Ways to Make Money Online and the Coaches Who Teach Them?

It felt odd tonight, not having a webinar with The Tremendous Trio. Of course, none was scheduled-we need to finish our homework, after all. So I logged onto the Rapid Cash Marketing website to check my stats and was VERY pleasantly surprised.

In a rare moment of inactivity today I looked at another marketer's pitch. It was very nicely done but I can't imagine working with any other gurus to accomplish various internet marketing strategies.

The "other guys" probably don't handle their own support desk. They are not likely to have the vast and successful experience of Jeff Wellman, who is well known for the program he called Lay Off Your Boss. Paul Counts probably has more search engine optimization knowledge and experience than half a dozen "other guys" combined. And Dixie Brown lends the Team the woman's touch with humor, grace and so much passion. Not to mention she is a technical whiz.

The Tremendous Trio instructs us in the features of various online strategies and internet marketing. If we take the prescribed action we are delightfully and tangibly rewarded. It's just as straightforward as that!

They make no claims, for obvious reasons. But I'm here to tell you from my own experience that their proven methods have put food on my table and a song in my heart.

If you yearn to change your financial situation, if you long to learn how to make money online; if you would benefit from being part of a growing community of successful, helpful people, this is the place to be:
Rapid Cash Marketing

Connie Baum

Do YOU Have a Home Based Business?

You can tell me if it's none of my "bees wax," but I wonder if you are satisfied with the results you are getting with your home based business venture.

It's okay. You don't really have to send me your tax returns or the stack of receipts you've got on a clipboard in your car...I just wonder if you are happy with the level of success you are experiencing.

The folks who created Rapid Cash Marketing are teaching their students who have been working online for some time but were not reaching the potential they knew in their heart of hearts was to be had.

Jeff Wellman, Dixie Brown, and Paul Counts are "my" Tremendous Trio and they have been there, done that. They have amazing experience. They are stunningly talented. They KNOW what they are doing, they have done what they teach and they have done it successfully! The Tremendous Trio are three charming people whose interpersonal skills are immense and commendable.


Seriously, if you are working in a business from home and you yearn for bigger yields, you owe it to yourself and your business-not to mention your loved ones-to get the straight skinny from these three at Rapid Cash Marketing. Be prepared for some very hard work and major fun. Oh, and some Rapid Cash.

Rapid Cash Marketing

Monday, April 13, 2009

Rapid Cash Marketing is Helping Folks With Internet Marketing Strategies

It has occured to me that some folks might equate Rapid Cash Marketing with Getting Rich Quick.

Maybe. But probably not.

Making money online is not the same as having a Fairy Godmother wave her magic wand. It is not instant gratification in most cases. Rapid Cash Marketing is a means to an end if the goal you have in mind is residual income from a home based business; it's just the ticket if you hope to take your own ideas and experience and expertise to carve out your own niche and employ the internet marketing strategies taught by The Tremendous Trio.

You see, Jeff Wellman created Lay Off Your Boss. Dixie Brown has spent 30 years online in Corporate America. Paul Counts burst onto the cyberscene as a Search Engine Optimization specialist. These three powerhouses of knowledge and expertise have joined forces to create a UNIQUE and helpful program to get YOU up and running with your own internet enterprise. Their techniques and strategies have been road tested and proven. They know precisely how to teach people how to make money online.

Some of their strategies involve freelance work. That can create quick cash. Not ginormous piles of cash. Maybe enough to buy a bag of groceries-that was my first success with the program-or you might earn enough to make a car payment. They give you the building blocks and a great start; you can take it to any heights you like and move incrementally from bringing in enough money to get you by to earning substantially more. As your skills increase, so can your income.

Their program is like any other venture in life: The result you yield will be directly commensurate to the amount of effort you put forth. If you take little action; you will see nominal results. If you pour your heart and soul, time and effort into your assignments you will reap larger rewards.

It's really up to you. Will YOU take action?

Rapid Cash Marketing

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Teenagers are looking for work. Many full time and even part time workers have been put out of their jobs. Education seems to make little difference; people who hold degrees are doing any menial work, just to keep body and soul together.

The light at the end of the tunnel and the hope that springs eternal for every segment of society is Rapid Cash Marketing.

The Tremendous Trio of Jeff Wellman, Dixie Brown and Paul Counts can be of assistance to any age group, any level of educated person, no matter what their experience has been or however their resume` reads.

These three have a program which can help ANYONE become a successful internet marketer, to make money online, or make money at home.

Are you out of work? Do you need some quick cash? Do you want to build a successful home based business? How about earning some residual income--would that be helpful for you and the people you love?

Maybe you are currently working part time. How would it be for you to be making money as a freelance writer? Would you be interested to learn abour affiliate marketing?

The Rapid Cash Marketing team has video tutorials, webinars, question and answer sessions, and a support desk that is open 24/7. Would this help YOU to become successful?

There really is no reason to be beholdin' to a boss if that's not your style. You could learn how to be your own boss-particularly if you are a self-starter-and, under the tutelage of The Tremendous Trio, you can learn how to make money online.

Is there some reason why you would not seek rapid cash? I would heartily advise you to take immediate action in this regard. You will be pleasantly surprised at how helpful the people on the Rapid Cash Marketing Team are. They have integrity, knowledge, experience and a successful body of work. Besides, all three of them are great fun!

Rapid Cash Marketing

Connie Baum

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rapid Cash Marketing UPDATE!


The Paul Counts family has named their precious baby daughter Joanna Joy!

She weighs 6 lbs 9 oz and measures 20 1/2 inches long!

No word yet whether Joanna owns a domain or has an email account!

Rapid Cash Marketing

Connie Baum

Is There a New Internet Marketer Online?

It's possible there is a tiny new marketer in our midst. We know her big sister is already a blogger and her Daddy is just plain famous for being A/a Boy Wonder and B/a newsworthy internet marketer! The new Mommy has been busy keeping the household running smoothly so Daddy can work online and teach his Rapid Cash Marketing students.

I refer to Paul Counts, of course. He and his wife and little girl, Jenna, have welcomed a brand new baby girl into their family. I'm pretty sure she will be working online before long!

Congratulations to the whole Counts family! We can't wait to see the pictures!

We also can't wait for you to get in on all the fun and information from Rapid Cash Marketing, so if you have not enrolled, please do so as soon as possible. Your whole family will be pleased with the results you'll experience!

Rapid Cash Marketing

Connie Baum

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Are YOU Looking For Work? Rapid Cash Marketing May Be Your Salvation!

There was a Job Fair today in Omaha, Nebraska. There were 3,500 to 4,000 estimated attendees, all looking for work.

One woman who attended had moved with her husband and two school aged children from another state so her husband could take a job in construction and they would be near family. He got hurt and had to be off work, so they are living in a camper, hoping she can find full time work as a dental assistant.

I wanted to reach through my TV screen and grab her. I wanted to TELL this woman that there IS hope. Her husband and she BOTH could absolutely have full time work, if that's what they want, by enrolling in the program just launched by Rapid Cash Marketing.

Jeff Wellman, Dixie Brown, and Paul Counts have the experience and wisdom and know how to help people like this Omaha family and anyone else who will take action to learn all there is to know about how to make money online. They know from their own vast experience about Internet Marketing, how to make money as a freelance worker, and how to create quick cash online. And they do this LEGITIMATELY.

Rapid Cash Marketing is the wave of the future. I hope you get on that wave and ride it all the way to the bank!

Rapid Cash Marketing

Connie Baum

Internet Marketing Strategies With The Tremendous Trio?

Last night the Rapid Cash Marketing Team went and did it AGAIN!

They over delivered!

I have 4 pages of notes to prove it!

They covered product creation. When I first learned about creating my own product, I got a knot in my middle. I was sure I could never DO THAT. Au, contraire! It's not brain surgery and Jeff Wellman and Dixie Brown were there to support me and shine a light on the whole process.

Because the call was open for the students to ask questions we got a bit off the main topic and questions about affiliate marketing, hosting, interviewing and outsourcing were mentioned. The main point of the webinar, though, dealt with all the steps and strategies involved with product creation. Near the end of the class, Jeff offered this advice: "Don't be scared! JUST DO IT!" Well, why not do it, indeed? The Rapid Cash Marketing support desk is open 24/7!

I'm here to tell you that these people have it ALL goin' on. Their passion and mission in life is to help all of us to be successful in our online ventures. They have walked the walk; they understand where we might have issues that need resolution and they have all the answers, borne of their own experience and wisdom!

You have got to see for yourself! Check it out, guys n gals!

Rapid Cash Marketing

Connie Baum

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Making Money From Home with Rapid Cash Marketing?

Can we all agree the economy stinks?

I know for a fact that many families are keeping body and soul together because Daddy works at least one job and so might Mommy.
Our very own neighbors fall into that category and by the way, their children are beautiful, well behaved, responsible and delightful.

Dr. Laura Schlessinger has written a new book addressing the issues faced by working parents. Her stance is that the family-and society-is best served when mommy can be with the children. She talks about Stay At Home Moms, or SAHM. I have seen the reference as WAHM, too, as in Work At Home Moms.

Whether it be mommy OR daddy-Paul Counts and Jeff Wellman are WAHDaddies-it will always be good for families and society to boost our personal economies with a stream of income created from home by making money from home.

That's where Rapid Cash Marketing can be helpful. Working At Home Mommy, Dixie Brown and her Work At Home Daddy cohorts, Jeff and Paul, make up The Tremendous Trio and they all know how to teach those of us who want to learn and are willing to take action all about internet marketing strategies. They teach with heart and integrity, humor and wisdom.

All of us feel free to ask whatever questions for which we need answers. We are finding out all the nuances of Affiliate Marketing, eBay strategies, how to function in Forums, how to find work online and they help us solve our technical issues.

I would not recommend you leave your day job just yet. I would strongly suggest that you TAKE ACTION and get enrolled in the Rapid Cash Marketing coaching program! It is like no other.

What would it mean to your family to have Mommy or Daddy at home, earning rapid cash? Seriously. What would it mean to you?

Rapid Cash Marketing

Connie Baum

Monday, April 6, 2009

Freelancing: Making Money Online

Were you on the latest Rapid Cash Marketing call?

I was concerned that Paul Counts might not be able to participate, what with his paparazzi concerns now that he has appeared in the Stillwater, Oklahoma newspaper and the news of his abilities to make money online has been splashed all over cyberspace. He was there and in fine form, thank you very much!

A variety of topics were covered in this call but TODAY what struck me most about this team is how sincerely they want every student to succeed. They dearly want to help everyone get up and running on the cheap. They make every effort to help everyone promote and get top billing in their niche. They offered a variety of choices for various programs to help every person. Freelance work was chief among the topics covered today.

There was also a lot of talk about the fastest way to get online traffic; there was in depth discussion about key words-how to find and use them-what to do with affiliate products; they fielded questions about social networking sites. They emphasized the need to TAKE ACTION.

How would it be if YOU take action to see what Rapid Cash Marketing might offer YOU? What would it mean to you and those you love if you could create some rapid cash?

Rapid Cash Marketing

Connie Baum

The Man Who Helps People Make Money Online: Boy Wonder

The first time I ever encountered Paul Counts he was a Guest Speaker on a webinar Jeff Wellman and Dixie Brown hosted for their online coaching program, Lay Off Your Boss.

Everyone on the call could tell that this young man had more knowledge in his little finger than all the students combined and it was then that I bestowed upon him the moniker of "Boy Wonder." Jeff Wellman is still puzzled why, with all HIS talent and success HE did not get that title.

But I digress.

The Stillwater, Oklahoma newspaper has taken note of the talent of the Boy Wonder and did a feature story about him and about Rapid Cash Marketing !

Right there, in black and white and a color photo of Paul, they have taken out their own bragging rights and explained what it is that The Tremendous Trio is doing to help people make money online!

If you want to read the whole story for yourself, go here: Stillwater News Press !

If you want to make money online, get yourself registered for the Monday session with the Boy Wonder and his cohorts by visiting Rapid Cash Marketing - get yourself enrolled so YOU can be making money online very quickly.

Paul, along with Jeff Wellman and Dixie Brown are creating video tutorials, answering every question their students pose, teaching with patience and skill the ins and outs of how to make money online. They care. They have integrity. They even have FUN with this serious business of internet marketing strategies.

Won't you join the fun and make some money online, too? There really is plenty for everyone. The Tremendous Trio simply shows you-step by step-how to DO it!

If you care to leave a comment for Paul on this blog, I will make sure the Boy Wonder knows you've stopped by here!

Rapid Cash Marketing

Connie Baum

Friday, April 3, 2009

Make Money on eBay? REALLY?

I'll be dipped in dew!

The Tremendous Trio, long known for over delivering, has gone and done it again! They took their class on a virtual "field trip" through the pages of eBay. Paul Counts did the honors on a very helpful webinar. WOW! No wonder Paul has earned the moniker 'Boy Wonder'!

If you had been on this call, you'd have heard the question and answer session that followed the main event of How-To. You'd have been as impressed as I at the vast experience of this Rapid Cash Marketing Team. And the wisdom.

There are newbies in this program. There are seasoned internet marketers. EVERYONE is treated with respect and whatever the question, all answers are insightful, helpful, and complete.

They take care of their own support tickets, too! Can you even believe they do not send it out, like laundry?

I am TELLING you: Jeff Wellman, Dixie Brown, and Paul Counts have got it ALL goin' on! You have just GOT to get on this train and ride it all the way to the station!

What have you got to lose? What would it mean to you and to those you love to learn the fine art of quick cash, residual income, affiliate marketing, making money online...bringing some more money into your household?

Rapid Cash Marketing

Connie Baum

Rapid Cash Marketing: Making Money Online

Today I've been in a bit of a panic!

My computer has been, well, constipated. Normally that would only be annoying but today it is critical. The Rapid Cash team has scheduled a conference call for tonight and I'd hate to miss it.

The plan calls for a discussion about eBay training! Who would want to miss THAT? Not I.

In case you missed getting updates this week about Rapid Cash Marketing it's because I was traveling. When I got home from my little trip, I discovered to my delight that in my absence I had made money because of what I had learned from The Tremendous Trio!

Rapid Cash Marketing has made a significant improvement in my life and in my finances. If you would like to see some positive change in YOUR life, you'd be wise to scope it out and join:

Rapid Cash Marketing

Connie Baum