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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Work At Home? Working AT ALL?

Are you on the right track?

There's a great lot of conversation around town about employment and unemployment.  Around the table at the Senior Center the guys are fussing about the growing number of business closures and the need for assistance rising proportionately.  The women in the grocery store gather in little groups to complain about skyrocketing food prices and how their fixed income is stretched. There is more traffic in and out of the Food Pantry and the social services office, too.   It's apparent that more people are earning less money for more hours of labor; folks seem to be afraid to look for employment elsewhere for fear of having no job at all.  
It's a lousy situation, especially considering that we really do get to design our own lives.  You may not have received that memo yet.  If not, I'm happy to deliver such great  news.

So.  If we get to design our lives, why would we see websites on vehicles that advertise the need for workers?  Why would there be job openings?  I don't get it.  
I went to the website of one of these "WE NEED YOU" ads displayed on the window of a vehicle and found it telling.  Seems that if you want to work with this particular company they won't allow you to use drugs.  Gee, what a downer.  That probably takes all the fun out of it for a certain segment of  job seekers.  Another thing I noticed is that their website was not especially user friendly and filling out an application was quite challenging and cumbersome.  You have to wonder whether this is intentional on the part of management.  SIDEBAR: Think Rod Blagojevich on Celebrity Apprentice.  END SIDEBAR.

We also might want to consider that there are couples out there who are discussing their situation in conversations that go something like this:  "I'm NOT leaving my family, no matter what.  If you take THAT job, I'm not going to live THERE!"  Changing jobs, moving, even finding work is stressful enough without the added tension of relationship struggles.

This is exactly why the work at home crowd is in the pink and operating in the black!  

Those of us who DARED to sign up for an online coaching program and had the chutzpah to actually launch websites or blogs and follow through on the instructions patiently given to us for making money online are not subject to corporate winds of change  and the worry of not having meaningful work to do.  Now THAT is living by design!

Are you willing to design your own life?  Are you interested in additional streams of income for your household?  Would you love to work at home?  CLICK HERE FOR ANSWERS TO ALL YOUR WORK AT HOME QUESTIONS.  You deserve to live a life designed to keep you on the right track!

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  1. Great post, this is exactly why working at home or online is gaining so much interest from the general public; people who are tired of struggling just to survive.

    This is exactly why we starting exploring such money making ideas like the Free 7 part mini course here on the site because people are looking for alternatives to simply working at a 9 to 5 grind, in a job situation that doesn't fit their desired lifestyle.

  2. Thank you so much for popping by, Rainy. I did visit the website you mention and it is a good resource for anyone who would like to boos their household income.

    People should have to struggle just to survive; it seems to me that they should feel free to follow their passions and express who they are at their core.

    Working at home allows us that freedom!

    Please feel free to stop by again anytime!

    Connie Baum