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Friday, December 11, 2009

Internet Marketing: Are You an Affiliate? Part 2

Affiliate marketing is about selling other peoples' stuff. If you have been working in that arena, you understand full well that it's a little more complex than that.

In Part One we looked at preparation, goal setting-and rewards-commitment, and consistency. In Part Two we will begin with expectations.

When you sell other peoples' stuff you can expect that there will be no start-up costs. The person with the stuff-the product owner-should provide training for you, as well as ideas and strategies. But when it comes to supporting you in your efforts, kids, you are pretty much on your own.

This is where you can expect your preparation, goals, commitment and consistency to pay off for you. You can get around the lack of support and really diversify by coming up with a workable and profitable solution: Create your OWN product!

This is phenomenal because you KNOW you can depend on YOU!
  • YOU can provide the best product for the best affiliate program!
  • YOU can test, test, test (It's all part of the preparation)!
  • YOU know to do things correctly and YOU will take action to git er done!
  • YOU understand the importance of preparation!
  • YOU will benefit from diversifying so as to have models that are monetized!
  • YOU will reap the rewards by creating the solution you seek!
To accomplish this affiliate success you will need a website. Here are some considerations when it comes to websites:
  1. Having a website for each affiliate product gives you and your products credibility.
  2. Free websites will diminish your professionalism and credibility; in addition, you have fewer options when creating free websites.
  3. Make sure your site looks professional, not cheezy or amateurish. Keep it clean and free from blinky-blinky or garish ad banners.
  4. It will be critical to have Search Engine Optimization in place. Work with a professional to make the most of SEO.
  5. If your website is cluttered and difficult to navigate, your visitors will click out and go to your competitors.
  6. Content is King. If you have a lovely, inviting website but offer poor content you will lose credibility, profitability and hope.
  7. Traffic is critical to the success of your affiliate website. Good, quality content on the site itself in addition to strategically placed articles and consistent, persistent addition of content will propel you to your long term goals and usher success into your life!
As an affiliate marketer you have certain expectations, as do the visitors who come to your affiliate website. Expect to solve other peoples' problems and everyone will be happy. You will become the trusted marketer of choice and your reputation will be stellar. Expect your bank account to be healthier, too!

Upcoming posts here will address more details concerning affiliate marketing and work at home solutions.

Connie Baum

*The FTC wants you to know that there are links in this post. Should those links be clicked and that would lead to a sale, your humble blogger would be compensated. That's how affiliate marketing works. Do your due diligence when dealing with merchants online or offline, for that matter.

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