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Monday, December 14, 2009

Internet Marketing: Are You an Affiliate? Part 3

To date, the topics we have covered concerning affiliate marketing have included preparation, goal setting and rewards, as well as commitment. Since it's the holiday season, we excuse you for not commenting...YET...grin.

When people are looking for solutions to their problems, they are likely to do an internet search. They will log onto Google and type in the subject they want to know about. These folks might be looking for help with their affiliate marketing; they could be in need of work at home ideas. Or they may just want to know the fastest way to earn money online. Think of Rapid Cash Marketing as an example. If one searches for rapid cash, they may find Rapid Cash with the help of Google, Yahoo, or another search engine. This is only one example out of jillions of possibilities.

Searches are not done by people with the mindset of "Oh, let me look for Joe Blow, the new affiliate marketer who might have what I'm looking for;" rather, people just want HELP and they want help YESTERDAY. Your job as the marketer of choice is to optimize your website in order for people to find it with ease. When they come to your site you owe it to them to give them quality content, ease of navigation and the solution to their problems. As an affiliate, you can help them by touting Other Peoples' Stuff, reviewing products and services offered by Other People. You can demonstrate how that Stuff will solve the visitors' problems.

Let's visit the subject of quality content. Providing consistent, quality content for your visitors is the magic key to your success. It is incumbent to present quality content consistently to article submission sites, in your blog posts; at every turn YOU MUST PROVIDE QUALITY CONTENT. It can be written, audio or video content but it must be first rate.

Oh, and did I mention that Content is King?

I realize this is redundant but even little children learn by rote and if it helps you to learn how important content is to your overall success, then by all means, I shall be redundant. Repeatedly.

Cogitate on how your content can be the best on the web. Think about your sentence structure, your grammar and spelling. Think long and hard about what products or services you represent that are designed to solve your visitors' problems. Are you submitting articles? Have you been putting video messages on your blog? Do you send meaningful messages to the people who took the time and trusted you enough to opt in for your information? Do you post to your blog on a routine basis?

Let us know what you think about this topic, even though Christmas is at hand. Just write a comment on this page. Comments are moderated but that should pose no problem for you or for your humble blogger.

Part 4 will appear soon, so please stay tuned.

Connie Baum
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