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Monday, February 8, 2010

Work At Home? Freelancing?

Here is a typical winter scene in Anytown, Anywhere. Notice the cars? They are near the homes because the homeowners at working at home!

Are YOU working at home? Do YOU have the freedom to design your day around the kids' school activities or home schooling? Or must you commute to and from your workplace, missing out on family time?

The ideal situation would be to commute from your bedroom to your home office, via the kitchen to pick up a coffee. Dress codes would be non issues. From your own home based business you can comfortably earn a living while overseeing your family's every need.

Do you know what it would take to become a successful work at home entrepreneur? Do you know how to discover what talents and skills you might already possess that could serve you well as a freelance income earner?

There are many programs out there in cyberspace. Everyone wants to make that dream of theirs come true so there are those who would prey on others by offering the moon and not delivering much in the way of information or help.

Visit any website and there are blinky-blinky banners vying for your attention about this work at home success story and that mom's-or dad's-success story...but the fact of the matter is that it is not a get rich quick endeavor.

Freelance work done at home does have the potential to create some quick cash, all right. But you must cultivate your career, hone your skills, practice your craft and court some clients. You must over deliver in terms of quality and content in order to get and maintain a client base.

People with websites and blogs need content. YOU can become an expert and create that content and those website owners will be charmed to pay you for your effort. Writing, creating quality content for other people, is a way to earn a good living. Freelance writers understand this and take full advantage of it.

Are you good with people? You might like to pursue an internet coaching program or help with customer service work. Freelance editing is in high demand, as well. Audio and video work can be freelanced, too. Even call centers can be managed from a home based business.

For YOU, there need be no more commuting in crummy weather!

Connie Baum
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  1. You know what? Many people think working at home doing freelance work is either a dream or a scam. It can be done. I know this because both my husband and I do it.

    It is very different from what most people expect; it is even better than I could ever have imagined. It seems like everyone else is running on their hamster wheel trying to make a dime. We do not have to do that anymore!

    Since both my husband and I work at home, we get more time with the children. If they have something going on at school like a program or a concert; we have the freedom to "take off work" and go to it!

    Thanks for writing on a subject that many people have a hard time believing is a real option for them.

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to comment!

    I'm glad to hear your side of this story; I want to add that there is one more element to this we have not mentioned: we live in an area that is at the mercy of wicked winter weather. One of the main highways near here was closed for many hours yesterday. Can you even imagine managing a CAR POOL, let alone a COMMUTE under those circumstances?

    The commute from bedroom to office via the kitchen seems plenty for us work-at-home types!

    Thanks again for your comment and taking the time to post it!