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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Making Money Online: Key Words

In researching material for this post I came across a "making money online" blog that featured a video. That's not unusual, except that this video had nothing whatsoever to do with making money online.

What struck me about this was that this video and the accompanying post garnered 168 comments! WOW! That's a testament to Key Words and their power, particularly if you don't get all uppity and you relate to the people who come by your site.

The blogger in question is a family man, animal lover and seems to me to be a hard working marketer. He makes no claims to king size earnings with no effort; he assures you his strategies are not get-rich-quick plans.

There are a number of good recommendations on this guy's site. He points his visitors in the direction of various coaching programs and toots the horns of other successful marketers as shining examples of success.

This begs the question: What unique value do you offer to your blog visitors? How do you interact with them or do you interact at all? We are interested to know your story. You are welcome to leave your "resume" as a comment here.

If you are in the market for instruction in making money online, we offer our own recommendation: Rapid Cash Marketing's Coaching Program. Jeff Wellman, Dixie Brown and Paul Counts have brilliant strategies for key words, search engine optimization or any other thing connected with internet marketing. Besides that, whether you are new at internet marketing or have had previous experience,the Rapid Cash Marketing Team makes learning at every level more fun than a party!

Check them out here.

Connie Baum

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