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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How To Make An Income Online?

I'm not a resident expert YET. But I've had some success with internet marketing; maybe my experience could be helpful to YOUR journey.

Like many other people looking for another stream of income, I was a guest at a marketing seminar. For an entire day we were interviewed by fresh faced, well dressed young men in business attire. They were sure we could be earning an income by the end of the month-no guarantees, you understand.

I left that seminar, sans a WAD of cash my husband graciously provided for this new venture, feeling that all was right with the world.

I set about going through the materials and learning all I could as fast as I could. The first thing I learned was that what I THOUGHT I'd sell, could not work with the program we had just spent way too much money to buy.

Can you say, "Buyer's remorse?"

I stewed in my own juices for months, not knowing where to turn, not getting any help from the so-called support line that was supposedly tethered to me. Finally, I confided in a close friend, Renita Farrall, who put me in touch with the people from the online, home-based business opportunity Lay Off Your Boss.

I became a student, albeit not a star student, and I got coaching from good people with integrity, talent, knowledge and patience. The key word here is patience. Dixie Brown held my hand and literally breathed for me while she did everything she knew to do in order for me to learn the basics. I had almost no technical skills, my computer died before we'd made a lot of progress, and I cried a lot. My husband and my coaches grew weary of my meltdowns, but they all hung in there and encouraged me and propped me up.

Some folks, especially kids my age, may have been tempted to quit more than once. But as troublesome as it all was, I was curious to learn and I found the whole online marketing idea fascinating. And people in my circle of influence, including myself, believed in me.

Bit by bit, I set up a blog. Then another. I had a website, then two. I was faithful to attend the coaching calls and do the assignments to the best of my ability. I fully and gratefully participated in the Mastermind group calls every week. There is tremendous support and cameraderie in our bunch!

I was always encouraged to take action and make an impact. When the U.S. economy began to droop my heart went out to those people who use food stamps, food commodities and food pantries for their food budgets. I got the idea to teach cooking classes in my humble kitchen and set up a schedule to do that in the weeks before Christmas, 2008. I was delighted to have offline support from various quarters in my home community as well as from Social Networking sites! We even invited a published author to come and participate by making a presentation about harvesting food from our yards!

I had made a few dollars from affiliate marketing but by no means could I have lived on my earnings. When Rapid Cash Marketing came along I began to internalize what Dixie and Jeff had been teaching me all along. The assignment was given that had to do with article writing and I gave it all I had. Only a few days passed when, to my utter delight, I had linked up with someone who wanted articles! I wrote those articles and earned $50.00!

Now, $50.00 may not seem like much money to some people, but with that money, I bought a bag of groceries! It was a high point for me!

Since then, through article writing and skills I have acquired through persistence and time, I have earned several hundred dollars from the comfort of my own home!

Was it EASY? HECK, NO! Was it fun? Most days it has been. Would I do it again? IN A NEW YORK MINUTE! Would I recommend this to other people? WITHOUT QUESTION.

Rapid Cash Marketing

Connie Baum

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