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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Money Making Ideas: What is Your Question?

The Tremendous Trio from Rapid Cash Marketing spent over an hour answering questions on their training call last night!

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? No question was too small; no question was too long. Dixie Brown and Paul Counts were there to make sure all their students were in the loop. They wanted to make sure everyone felt included, knew where and how to access the Rapid Cash Marketing information, and understood everything being offered. It did not matter whether someone was a newbie or a seasoned marketer. The Rapid Cash gurus were THERE for all of us. Jeff Wellman would have been on the call, but he had traveled to participate in a major marketing event.

This call was amazing to me. Oh, and so was the homework assignment: Apply the strategies we were being shown and earn some rapid cash as soon as possible. When was the last time YOUR teacher gave you such a great homework assignment?

NOT ONLY IS THIS A FABULOUS COURSE about internet marketing; they offer an affiliate program as well!

You will be so glad when you become a part of this wonderful enterprise. And I will be so glad to find your comments to this post. I am REALLY jonesing for your comments.

Rapid Cash Marketing

Connie Baum

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