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Monday, April 20, 2009

You've Got Questions? Rapid Cash Marketing Has Answers!

There are Question and Answer Sessions, and then, again, there are QUESTION and ANSWER SESSIONS. Today's conference call was one of the latter.

The call began with a frank discussion of PLR-Private Label Rights products. We learned, all because of a member's question, that PLR is orginal content; it is an outsource item that is sold for original content and it is sold in bulk. We were cautioned to read the Resale Rights in order to know what can be done with the products as the rules surrounding their use can vary. It is important for buyers of PLR products to be able to claim them for their own.

SIDEBAR: I would never have known that if I had not been participating in that call. Unless I stumbled willy-nilly onto the information serendipitously. END SIDEBAR

Also concerning PLR items, we were reminded to submit them to article directories, such as or that can be found by doing an online search-making use of the "resource box." PLRs can provide blog posts, as well. It was mentioned the material could even be used in audio applications. The whole purpose of this PLR content is to generate traffic so as to give YOU, the online marketer, credibility in your niche or area of expertise. We were encouraged not to be complacent and to think outside the box. It was also noted that persistence pays off big time.

The whole discussion of article marketing gave me the wild notion to do "100 articles in 100 days." A wise friend suggested that might be biting off more than I'd care to chew. Maybe I'll do 10 articles in 10 days...I don't want to take time away from reviewing The Tremendous Trio, after all.

Jeff Wellman and Dixie Brown made sure we were up for TAKING ACTION. They are great leaders and teachers and they make dandy cheerleaders. Their affable honesty and good natured humor make me WANT to take action and do a good job of preparing high quality articles, top quality content, first quality blog posts.

YOU, dear reader, will be the ultimate judge of the quality of the content here. If you read this page and you don't think my presentation is worth commenting on, I'll know I flunked the class.

Maybe you have questions about laying off your boss or doing a home based business or earning some rapid cash. If you post your question in the comment box at the bottom of this post, I'll be charmed to help you find the answers you seek. And, may I remind you that there is no dumb question.

Rapid Cash Marketing

Connie Baum

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