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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Are You a Beginner in the Wonderful World of Internet Marketing? Do You Know How To Build a Customer List?

When I began Rapid Cash Review 43 posts ago, I invited you readers to travel with me. This way we can learn together and grow in knowledge and understanding of the workings of conducting business on the internet. My fervent hope is that you will utilize the "Comments" box as we go along. That way I won't feel so alone...and neither will you.

Maybe I'm reaching a new plateau? Could be. As new information creeps into my consciousness, I am letting it jell in my brain. I've come up with a few pointers to share with you. I offer them in the hope that it will help you in your journey. Hey, we're all in this together, right? Let's help one another and let's work on How To Build a Customer List.

I can almost hear all of you, right this moment, asking aloud and in unison: "How DO I build a customer list?"

Surely you'll want to know the nuts and bolts of building a customer list. Before we go THERE, though, let's talk about that list. You must have a list and beyond that, it must be a RESPONSIVE list. The people who come to your blog or your website are not just names or addresses. They are living, breathing human beings who want to be recognized and needed. They have problems to solve and you are uniquely qualified to help them solve their problems. It is imperative that you interact with your list to build, nurture and cultivate your relationship with the people on your list.

As a prerequisite to building your list, you will need to identify an as-yet-unmet need in a specific niche. You will find an appropriate domain name, acquire a hosting account and enroll in a program that provides automatic response messages. SIDEBAR: My autoresponse messenger of choice would be Aweber. I'm not saying this to get a pair of socks, although I know a guy who GOT a pair of socks for bragging Aweber up! END SIDEBAR. You will use this simple method to keep in touch with your subscribers on a regular basis and send out occasional broadcast messages.

One of the fundamentals has to do with building a list of subscribers to your website or blog. The purpose for building a list is very straightforward: That's where the money is. You are going to help solve their problems. You are going to over deliver. You are going to give them more than they ever dreamed and they will thank you by being your loyal customer.

The collection of a name and an email address can be done by placing a box in the upper right hand corner or center of your site or your blog-above the "fold" if it were a newspaper. Just ask for their first name and primary email address so you can send them reports, information, newsletters, and special offers.

Assure your visitors that you will never abuse that information by selling, renting, loaning, giving or publishing it. Where you have your little box, have them click to send THEIR PERMISSION to you to keep in touch with them. This is not a "submit" button. This is a "yes, I want to have your information/gift/offer NOW" button.

As soon as your visitor gives you permission to send information, your AUTOMATIC RESPONSE PROGRAM will activate and they will have to CONFIRM that yes, they want to participate in receiving your messages.

This is not going to be a place where your visitors fill out a dozen boxes of data where they give facts about their firstborn, their work history, or any thing else. Just a first name and an email address will suffice. If your relationship with this visitor advances to the point where this visitor is meeting your entire extended family for a holiday visit, you can deal with that at a much later time!

Please let me remind you that the names you collect in this manner are NOT buyers. They are living, breathing people with feelings and ideas and expectations. Your job as the Gate Keeper of this list is to care about them, nurture them, feed them information, ideas and tips and you will over deliver every time. You will help them in every way possible. One day some of these people may become your customers and then you will understand why it is said that the money is in the list.

Here's hoping you got a new perspective on one of the basics of internetworking. If this was helpful for you, and even if it was not, please take advantage of the Comments box and let us hear from you.

Rapid Cash Marketing

Connie Baum

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