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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Are YOU an Action Taker?

If you are new at internet marketing you may be struggling to differentiate between HTML and FTP. You may need help extracting a logo from a document. You may be doing all you can, like I am, to learn everything you can about internet marketing and how it's done.

I was privy to a Conference Call last night that featured savvy callers whose questions were well organized and those who posed them were well spoken. The most impressive thing about this call was the magic that drifted from the call's organizers.

Nothing happens by chance, in my opinion. Jeff Wellman had laid off his boss and was managing well enough when Dixie Brown waltzed into the picture. Dixie had strengths and experience where Jeff felt his business needed guidance and the two became partners. When Jeff met Paul Counts at a Joint Venture event, the two clicked and eventually they teamed up.

What this association teaches me is that NOTHING would have happened if each one had not TAKEN ACTION. If Jeff had not had the courage to take action in creating his program, Dixie would not have been on his conference call. If Dixie had not stepped forward to see how she could help Jeff, there would be no partnership. And if Paul had not moved heaven and earth to attend a live event, he and Jeff would not have met when they did.

If I had not picked up the phone, called for help, and Renita had not connected me with this group of leaders, I would still be banging my head on the keyboard, wondering how to proceed. I would never have known WHAT ACTION TO TAKE.

What action will YOU take?

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Connie Baum

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