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Monday, May 18, 2009

Can You REALLY Have a Profitable Internet Marketing Business From Home?

Might you be considering all the myriad offers coming to your Inbox touting the HowTo of generating an online income? Each sender is SURE you can make it big by building your business from the comfort of your own home using their recommendations. After you pay the ginormous enrollment fee, of course.

But what if you aren't out to make enough to move to Timbucktoo? What if you only want to meet your mortgage payment? What if you need to get your kid through college AND THEN you can build a castle in Cuckamonga or some other dreamy place? For NOW you only want to get a solid start.

Well, here is what someone said who got involved with one of my personal favorites, Rapid Cash Marketing :

"I've bought so many products-probably 35 or 40-and never once was I allowed to speak with the guru who took my money! When Jeff, Dixie, and Paul actually ASKED FOR our questions, I was amazed! I thought, 'WOW! I actually get to speak to these people in person!'" --Rapid Cash Marketing Student

The Question and Answer sessions Rapid Cash Marketing conducts are not only helpful but legendary. Here is the quote I took from last week's call:

"FOCUS: Follow One Course Until Successful" --Evelyn

I presume Evelyn got the same boatload of offers in her Inbox that has been coming to mine. It is OVERWHELMING! I agree with Evelyn that we can become seriously distracted by making the effort to learn everything from everybody.

Most people find this concept inviting: Lay Off Your Boss but I'm hearing more and more about people BEING laid off. If people in that circumstance do not have a back up system like an online internet business or some type of internet marketing strategy they may be in serious difficulty.

I feel gratitude that I am working online at home. I will most assuredly follow Evelyn's lead and stay in FOCUS. And I have every intention of being on the next Question and Answer call from Rapid Cash Marketing !
Connie Baum

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