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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Is There a Pandemic of Viral Videos?

Just for fun, I counted the number of offers that came to my Inbox today...would you believe there were 15? And that was all before NOON! And all but one included video or the link to a video presentation!

My point is that there are many places online-and 15 is only a fraction of that number of places-where someone who is interested to understand how to earn rapid cash could find a "guru program"; pay up, sign up, and study up. Of course, there would be follow up on the part of the guru to add to your bag of goodies.

I do not disparage any of the online learning programs out there because some are top notch and worth their weight in gold. Others? Not so much. It depends on your needs and your abilities and your own vision of what you'd like to have in a learning program.

One of the features of online marketing are those all important email marketing campaigns. Any guru worth his salt should provide you with information about the true purpose of email marketing, how critical it might be to develop a relationship with your list-as well as how to build a list and how to manage it.

If there are disadvantages to list building and email marketing messages, your guru should be able to point those out for you. You should be able to ask your guru any question you have about those details. Will there be live calls where you can ask questions? Will your guru have a support desk?

NO ONE but NO ONE likes online spam. Will your guru educate you about how NOT to spam? Will your guru enlighten you about spam filters and test messages? How will your guru address spam? Will there be webinars? Video tutorials? Personal consultations?

I know I have posed more questions than I have answered for you. The reason is that I want for you to think for yourself. I want you to explore the possibilities that exist so you KNOW what you are entering when you open the door as opportunity knocks!

If your eyes fall on this page and you are itching to comment, you are more than welcome to leave your comment before you depart. We really appreciate your feedback; we are all making this cyber-journey together!

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Connie Baum

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