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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Unanswered Questions about Internet Marketing?

Do you come to the computer, scratching your head and wondering how to manage technical issues? Do you ever wish you had a place to go where you could ask the questions you have when you meet a challenge and get straight, honest answers?

Home based businesses are like new babies in that they do not come with instruction books, guarantees or warranty papers.

If you choose a How To program to help you navigate the internet and all its opportunities and challenges you will benefit. If you choose the CORRECT program, you will benefit greatly.

As you look over the dizzying array of offers that come to your Inbox, make sure you find out if your would-be provider offers 24/7 support with a Help Desk. What kind of relationship will this provider offer you? Will it be a "Thanks-for-you-business; See ya" kind of relationship or will there be personal consultations involved? Will your provider be sending email marketing messages that are nothing more than "upsells" to get more of your cash? How about support GROUPS and live calls? Webinars? Is there ongoing cost involved for each added service?

Sometimes, without malice, internet gurus omit a piece of information you find you need. If that is the case, will you be able to fill in that gap without mortgaging your firstborn child?

There are so many, many programs being offered in today's marketplace. Your email inbox is stuffed with them, I'm quite sure. Some are great; some, not so much.

I have two personal faves. I will let you wonder what they are. If you REALLY want to know, look for a link at the bottom of this post.

My own internet journey has been a bumpy one. Yours may be, too. It's a steep learning curve, especially for a kid my age. But there's always hope and when you find a soft spot to fall, where you are totally accepted and appreciated and you are free to evolve and learn at your own rate, you will know in the middle of you-where you know things are true-that you have found YOUR Guru the program that is right for YOU.


Rapid Cash Marketing

Connie Baum

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