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Monday, August 10, 2009

Making Money Online: Content is King

Making money online as an online marketer, using affiliate marketing strategies or email campaigns; or providing services and goods to your target market is an art and a science.

Whether you are full time or part time in your efforts to maintain a work-at-home enterprise it's critical to keep in mind that CONTENT IS KING. If it's a blog post you are creating, it needs to contain material that is helpful and useful to your reader or they are GONE. When you are preparing a Webinar, make sure you have covered every key point thoroughly so the attendees' time will be well spent. Email campaigns will be much more effective when you take the time to prepare and edit your message, taking care to make it relevant to your list.

Here is a horrible example of a message where content was NOT king: My inbox recently filled up with "urgent" offers I could not live without. I make every effort to keep an open mind, so I clicked on the first one, not sure what to expect. This is what I found:
" Dear (NameFix!)
the message

This was not what that marketer had in mind, I'm sure. It is very easy to TEST those outgoing messages. This fellow was so eager to enter my email inbox that he neglected that one very important detail: Send yourself a TEST message.

Another problem that crops up when making money online is that spelling or grammar are not good in the messages or presentations that leave your autoresponder. While that can be endearing in some cases, it also comes across as unprofessional so making every effort to write and proof read with care is a good idea.

It's enervating to readers to be constantly bombarded with sales pitches of every stripe and description. Let your target audience know what you have to offer. Then, graciously allow them to buy. Or not.

As an internet marketer it is not your job to hound and harass. It is your job to enlighten and enable. When your CONTENT IS KING, you can accomplish this task with ease and integrity.

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