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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Internet Marketing: Can You Make Money At Home?

What are the KEY POINTS to unlocking the doors of opportunity?

The economy has tanked. Groceries are priced higher than ever. Gas is costly. Even getting a haircut is getting to be out of reach. What's a family to DO?

The choices are dizzying, really.

Let me tell you about one enterprising fellow: He has a golden throat and wants to read aloud for cash. IT IS HIS PASSION; THIS IS A KEY POINT.

This man made it his life's work to cultivate and nourish relationships. He understands that people purchase goods and services from others whom they like and trust. He did not simply show up unannounced and unexpected to let others know he is ready to provide the masses with his voice services. No, he carefully cultivated business relationships with others and he GAVE them-ANOTHER KEY POINT-samples of his best work.

Some of his contacts had never thought of using a recorded voice in their marketing campaigns or their products. He offered them a new paradigm, backed up by a strong relationship of friendship and integrity. When his contacts are ready, they will call him. He also gave them incentives so they'll call sooner rather than later.

Smart, huh?

He works from home. He is an internet marketer who is successful at making money online. He is also inspiring other marketers to think outside the box. He is helping business people in his circle of influence to increase THEIR profits. People want to know, "What's in it for ME?" so do keep that in mind as you mull over your options about how to make money from home. Remember this example as you find new ways to strut YOUR stuff and recession proof YOUR income.

Connie Baum

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