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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

AWeber: Will It Help YOUR Email Campaigns?

As far as internet marketing goes, email campaigns must surely be effective; otherwise they would not continue to swell our Inboxes. Email marketing can grow your business, depending how you create, manage and optimize your plan. It's all about planning a strategy and taking action to work your plan.

Whenever you create an email marketing campaign, you need to understand it's not like emailing your college buddies or all your relatives. It's not as simple or thoughtless as just hitting "Forward" and getting a message out to everyone who uses the internet and has an email account!

Email marketing campaigns take thought and care. It's important to offer great content and give your reader a reason to take the action you desire. This does not happen willy-nilly.

I struggled mightily with an email broadcast recently. It's my position that every email I send need not be a sales pitch. I want to establish and maintain a relationship with the people on my lists, not simply promote products to them. So I spent some effort creating the just the exact message I wanted to convey. Of course, I wanted to TEST it before it went to the masses.

Not being the most technically gifted internet marketer on the planet I managed, without even knowing it, to LOSE my entire broadcast message!

What may have been disastrous at the most and an annoying inconvenience at the least had a happy ending because AWeber has plenty of online assistance. I can choose from the online chat or I can phone in for a consultation. Thanks to Rachel, bless her heart. She got me out of the silly pickle I had created all on my own!

Sometimes email campaigns will result in people dropping out of your loop. They unsubscribe or they send cranky messages in response. The best advice in these cases is not to take these events personally. Sometimes people are just not that "into" you or your product or your website or your look. It's best to take note, learn whatever the lesson is and move on in life. If you and your email recipient are not on the same page, it's not a good fit. It's all right. You are all good people.

If you are an internet marketer you should know that there is a veritable education available from the annals of Aweber on the topic of email campaigns.They offer helpful interviews, tutorials, videos, and webinars at convenient times. The presentations they offer are succinct, timely and professional.

If you are looking to use email messages in your business' online marketing strategies and you don't know about AWeber, I strongly encourage you to get acquainted with them. Take them for a Test Drive. It's not exactly like getting a new car but it's a pretty sweet deal.

Connie Baum

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