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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Internet Marketing: Questions, Anyone?

Internet marketing is not for the faint of heart. It is for action taking people who are self starters and eager to make an impact-on the world stage or on their bottom line!

Internet marketing by its nature offers a learning curve and may even require the subscription of a coaching program. Some newbies may have the notion that having a recession proof income by creating/maintaining a home business start up is synonymous with "get rich quick." While internet marketing has the possibility of rapid cash filling up your PayPal account, a top priority is to put into place the basics and learn correctly how to conduct your online enterprise.

Learning anything INcorrectly is quick and easy. UNlearning that incorrect subject takes a long time, great effort and would be unecessary if only you take the time for due diligence, covering the basics as you begin your online journey.

As you prepare to have a presence on the world wide web, it would be important to understand how to choose your domain name. You would need to do considerable research to find out what niche is calling to you and why. It helps to have guidance along those lines.

SIDEBAR: That's where a good coaching program will help to walk the crooked path of searching for niches and deciding on domain names. END SIDEBAR.

When it comes to domain selection, d o you understand where and how to purchase a domain name and why your choices would impact your business? Do you know how to decide the length of time covered with your new domain name?

Web hosting is critical. There are a myriad choices when picking out web hosting; it's not the same as shopping for shoes, though! What are the costs involved? What are the features? What does the fine print say about reasonable terms?

Autoresponders come in different "flavors" too. One autoresponder company whose name has appeared on this blog is well known for sending sox to people who took out bragging rights! They have even sent mail to the homes of their customers. One woman reported that they TELEPHONED her personally after she set up her account, just to make sure all was well. Can you say, "Customer Service?" Autoresponder companies can help you with your email marketing campaigns and list management. Remember: the profit is in the list!

What other burning questions might be posed as you light up cyberspace with your presence, your goods and services? And where will you go to find the answers? The Mountain Guru might suggest 'going within' and that's fine. But when it comes to the technical aspects of online marketing you need a professional.

The first program that comes to mind is the Fresh Fab Four: Jeff Wellman, Dixie Brown, Paul Counts and Keith Wellman are constantly rolling out surprises and top drawer content with their AutoPilot Wealth Institute.

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned marketer you will gain insights and fresh understanding when you invite these experts to partner with you in your internet marketing business. These good people are all about your success, so don't procrastinate; check them out ASAP!

Connie Baum

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