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Monday, August 31, 2009

Rapid Cash: Is THAT What Internet Marketing Offers?

You have made the leap. You have committed to spending a certain amount of time developing your work at home program. Maybe you are still working your J-O-B to get you by until you get this internet marketing and the rapid cash concept down pat.

You looked at your PayPal account and it didn't move. Or it didn't swell the way you had hoped it would.

Does this make you feel discouraged? Or, does it fuel your determination to make it all come together the way all those marketers SAID it did for them?

The guy from Lay Off Your Boss, Jeff Wellman, put his internet machine into high gear and made his mark IN THREE WEEKS! It has taken yours truly as an internet marketer, even availing myself of the finest coaching program, MUCH longer. But to be fair, Jeff does not have to cook, hang laundry or do the grocery shopping! I guess he does have to feed his chickens and teach kids how to do the Chicken Dance. That can be time consuming, all right.

Jeff wisely took in partners: Dixie Brown is the Tech Queen who brought with her three decades of corporate experience and expertise, as well as the personal touch in teaching the fine points of Tech Talk. Paul Counts is the Boy Genius of Search Engine Optimization. If you were to look in a dictionary under "Search Engine Optimization" I am confident Paul Counts' photo would be displayed.

This partnership offers much more than coaching, technical skills and strategies for search engine optimization. This offering cannot be purchased at any cost and is the most valuable tool in their entire arsenal. Each of these whiz kids has INTEGRITY, PASSION, and ENTHUSIASM. Add those elements to the great products they keep coming up with and you can build on whatever you have NOW. You will reach heights of success you never even imagined were possible.

This trio did not stop with this 3 way partnership. These three joined forces with Keith Wellman, longtime internet guru and mentor for his dad, Jeff. Now there is a powerful foursome in cyberspace and it is a force with which to be reckoned! The Question and Answer sessions these guys host are not only the ultimate in information, detail, strategy and personal connection; they are good-natured FUN.

If your internet marketing experience has not lived up to your hopes and expectations AND IF IT HAS NOT BEEN FUN, you need to look into the program called AutoPilot Wealth Institute. Do not be led astray by the name AUTOPILOT. It is NOT automatic, instant wealth. Internet marketing is labor and time intensive. But the rewards are phenomenal.

You are likely to want to check it out ASAP: AutoPilot Wealth Institute

Maybe you'll be on the very next Webinar with us!

Connie Baum

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