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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Coaching Program: Every Day is Saturday?

Does your Inbox bulge every morning? Do you have so many incoming messages that your feel your eyes cross just by looking at the influx?

It can be overwhelming.

As 2010 arrived and everyone vowed to resolve this, that or the other thing I have remained steadfast in my determination to simplify, focus, and have fun.
It is not difficult for me to hit “DELETE” when I am greeted by an inbox full of messages promoting various projects.

Before I hit the button to dump another message, I noticed a headline that captured my attention:

“Warning: This Video May Offend You.”

I’m not easily offended. I am curious. So I clicked. What did I have to lose? I could watch a short video; no sweat.

Sam Crowley of Every Day is Saturday fame and fortune was the presenter. I’d heard of Sam, even though I have not met him yet. His video was simple, straightforward and uncluttered. He was casually attired and it seemed to me he spoke from his heart. His message resonated with me, for whatever reason.

I firmly believe that to succeed in Internet Marketing you are wise to be guided by someone who has experience and your best interest at heart. As a matter of fact, that’s one of the reasons this blog was created. It’s important for newbies to know what is available to them to maneuver their journey to success.

Even though Sam suspected I’d be offended, I was not. Those who may have mocked his enterprise as he began to climb the ladder of success may have found the message offensive but I was just favorably impressed. I was intrigued that his headline could capture my attention, his message could hold my interest, and I found it telling that Sam’s message resonated with me so deeply.

If you Google Sam Crowley, as I have, you’ll find he is no stranger to Internet Marketing. His story is greatly appealing. Sam has followed his passion and capitalized on it in very clever ways. Regular people can relate to what he has to offer.

I’m in no position to change horses; I’m in the middle of a stream. I’m thrilled with the coaching program that keeps my PayPal account looking healthy. But if you have not made a choice to follow a leader you admire, you would do well to take a look at what Sam is doing.

No one program is the end all and be all. If you find a coaching program that meets your needs, by all means, follow your heart and your passion and give it your all.

Sam Crowley’s program may just resonate with you.

Tonight I’ll be on an important conference call with my marketer of choice. You do what’s right FOR YOU; only YOU can make that choice.

I’ll be keeping my life simple; I’ll keep my focus and I’m planning for so much fun that the Fun Police will just give up on finding me.

No doubt Sam Crowley will be following his passion and climbing his success ladder!

Where will you be?

Connie Baum
The FTC wants you to know there are links in this post. If these links are clicked, resulting in sales, your humble blogger will be fairly compensated. Use your due diligence in conducting commerce online and offline. Do business overnight only with people you trust implicitly.

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