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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Internet Marketing: Are Affiliates Using Video Skinning?

Video Skinning is a super simple way for affiliate marketers to make money online.

The whole idea of video skinning is to make a video, replacing the merchant sales letter. The video drives your readers directly to your order page, bypassing the sales letter.

You may have received an email message about Keith Wellman’s program featuring video skinning. Here’s hoping you had the time to view it. It is well done and contains loads of helpful information. Keith utilized the ‘Content is King’ principle very well. He carefully explained his service and the results have been stunning: 1200% more sales, at last report.

For those of you who are serious about affiliate marketing, this is one of the best and most recent tools available. It seems foolish not to utilize it to create income for you and those you love.

It’s interesting to learn about this first class method of selling. Video Skinning is currently dominating every niche for affiliate marketers. No surprise-here is the short list of reasons why-in addition to the conversion rate, of course:

• No need to point the camera to YOU. Great news if you are shy or having a bad hair day
• No need to be a professional speaker. Speaking from your heart trumps all

All you need to do is review the product you want to promote. This would be the responsible path to take. You owe it to your people to be responsible in promoting products and services you trust. Your integrity is at stake.

Your next step is to make simple presentations, using some of the aspects of a sales letter. The formula is simple and the beauty of it is that you can implement the whole process immediately! Who doesn’t love instant gratification?

Remember that conversion rate? 1200% is nothing to sneeze at! Common sense dictates that this Video Skinning will create more income for affiliate marketers with less heavy lifting!

All the testing indicates that video converts better than copy, so Video Skinning looks to be the process of choice.

Another point: The products in some niches are really great but the sales letters often do not do them justice. Video Skinning can boost the conversion rate. It all seems so simple and clear.


Keith Wellman is a busy guy. He insists that video won’t be available for long so it’s probably a good idea to scope it out ASAP. You would not want to be left in the dust, scratching your head and wondering why your conversion rate did not compare!

Connie Baum
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