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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Internet Marketing: Are You an Affiliate? Part 5

So far we have covered affiliate marketing topics by discussing preparation, goal setting and rewards; as well as your commitment. We have addressed the issues of how people might search for a solution to their problems and we touched on the importance of content.

Where content is concerned this point cannot be overemphasized: CONTENT IS KING, so DON'T BE AFRAID TO OVER DELIVER. I'll give you an example of over delivering from my own online experience.

As soon as I enrolled with my marketer of choice I was invited to a conference call. I had not done very much with conference calls, except to have 3 way conversations. You have no idea how impressed I was when that first call went on for THREE HOURS with the marketer himself, personally answering any question thrown at him! That is classic over delivery!

Conversely, I received an email invitation to attend a webinar. The marketer who sent it was a marketer I am familiar with. I could see that I had a time slot open for the presentation so I signed up. The dilemma I faced was that the marketer was so excited about his program and presentation that he had neglected to mention the subject of it! I had no earthly idea what topic would be covered. Still, I ventured forth. (Silly me.) That's when I learned that the time zone was different. It did not matter what the topic was; the presentation time had been incorrect on the invitation.

The latter is a prime example of UNDER delivering, not testing the message sent out, and disappointing your followers. Unlike the guy in the first example, t isn't likely the second marketer garnered any brownie points that particular day.

Also concerning content, I have a bit of bad news to deliver. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but here it is:
Most blogs fail.
Sad but true, some bloggers fall short when it comes to content. These folks who fail are nice people and all; they mean well. It's just that even well meaning bloggers tend to load up their blog pages with things that go 'blinky-blinky' which is highly distracting.

Bloggers often fail to post on a regular, ongoing basis; they often insert inappropriate material into their pages. For instance, they might plug their favorite funny video from YouTube on their site, even though there is no relevance to the product they are reviewing or the marketing message they are sending to their visitors.

When affiliate marketers send email campaigns, they are tempted to clutter other peoples' inboxes with irrelevant material or content that does not pertain to the interest of the receiver. For example, if you are a marketer dealing with the pet niche, you don't want to bombard pet owners with information about weight loss or skin care products.

Content is king in every aspect of marketing: blogs, email campaigns, sales pages, webinars-the whole ball of wax. If you pay close attention to the details, you will find yourself on the top of the affiliate marketing heap and your family will appreciate that you are a work at home income earner.

Your comments indicate that you have found value in this series. We love hearing from you and appreciate your taking the time to read the posts and make the comments! Thank you.

Connie Baum

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