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Friday, January 8, 2010

Internet Marketing: You ARE an Affiliate! Part 6

Over the past few weeks we have covered various and sundry details about affiliate marketing as a work at home income for internet marketers. We've pretty much skimmed the surface and we highly recommend you work with a coaching program.

SIDEBAR: We can hook you up whenever you are ready! We know some of the best in the biz! END SIDEBAR.

We do have more bad news: Remember when we announced the high rate of failure of most blogs? Well, sad to say, 95% of affiliate products fail, too!

Don't despair. It happens when affiliate marketers go into this unprepared. If you do not over think the process, do your due diligence and research properly this is far less likely to happen to you.

Ideally, you should have your own product to promote. If you are a total newbie, though, you might be more comfortable to begin by using affiliate site such as or to begin. They make joining very easy and offer tutorials to help you through the initial process. As you grow your business you might like to work with .

Find affiliate products that complement your site. Do not promote products for weight loss on a pet grooming blog, as an example. People who opted in to your site do not expect recipes if you are showcasing and recommending woodworking tools.

Never, ever stoop to the level of hyping your products. Be honest. Remember, your own integrity is at stake. You don't want to trample your own reputation, after all. If you own the product and like it you can recommend it with no hesitation.

Use personal testimonies from real people. Here is a fine example from my own collection:


I just have to say that every time I come to your blog to read your review I leave
with a smile on my face.

As a coach and mentor myself it is a pleasure to find someone else that really
puts things in plain and simple truths and explanations, for the countless
number of beginners that are coming online to have a place to stop and find
exactly what they need to keep moving themselves forward.

Thank you, Connie, for the REAL And CARING EXPERTISE and advice you provide.

Jeff Wellman"

Thank you, Jeff. This makes ME smile.

Pay close attention to your Key Words so the search engines will find you.

You can easily cloak your affiliate links by utilizing the service of a link cloaking service site. I have used TinyURL ; my personal fave is .

Your successful career as an affiliate marketer will be determined by your commitment, your dedication, your due diligence. You are in control of your own destiny. Empowerment like that feels really good. Looking at your PayPal to see the increases will reinforce that.

We wish you the best of everything life has to offer: phenomenal success in affiliate marketing, working from home and making money online!

Connie Baum
The FTC wants you to know there are links in this post. If these links are clicked, resulting in sales, your humble blogger would be fairly compensated. Always do your due diligence when doing commerce online or offline. Do business only with those you trust implicitly.

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