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Monday, September 14, 2009

Internet Marketing: Do You Have the "GUTS"?

Jeff Herring said this: "EVERYTHING in your life is an article." My own interpretation of Jeff's statement is that 'everything is a blog post.'

If you ever stared at a white screen with a blinking cursor-and I do not mean 'blinking' in the bleeped sense of the word; the cursor actually does blink-you understand that there may be times in your blogging life that you are unsure what to write.

Here is the problem that can create: You may hit a wall with respect to not knowing what to write about or you haven't thought up an angle with which to approach a certain topic. So you scrap blogging for that day. You play golf. You piddle with your emails. You go out for lunch. Pretty soon you get out of kilter with that blog and when you look again SIX MONTHS have passed. No wonder your list is dwindling; you have not even written anything for an email campaign!

Jeff Herring suggests that playing golf, emails, a lunch out CAN BECOME MATERIAL for you to use in a variety of ways.

Let's say, for example, that you have a wonderful luncheon meeting in a cafe you seldom frequent and you have a delightful encounter with your server or you have a chance meeting with someone who is interested in your latest project. YOU CAN WRITE ABOUT THOSE THINGS. Furthermore, you can RE-PURPOSE every account. These events can translate from blog to article to press release to e-book to audio/ you see where I'm going here? I am taking you down a pretty productive path.

If you consistently take action-which is advice from JEFF WELLMAN AND HIS PARTNERS-using your life as a template for your product creation and blog or write or email or whatever your choice is EVERY DAY AND EVERY DAY AND EVERY DAY, you WILL reach your internet marketing goals!

Jeff Herring also says this: "GUTS" aka"Now GO USE THIS STUFF" !

'Nuff said.

Connie Baum

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