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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Working From Home?

If you are working from home, the chances are good your "uniform" is jeans and a tee shirt or something close to that. You probably wouldn't really think about donning a MINER'S HAT, would you?

Well, on second thought, if you knew how to 'MINE your own business' for golden nuggets of success, you might reconsider that miner's hat. It has a light on it, after all.

'Mining your own business' is a play on words that Dixie Brown teaches her students in order for them to learn about product creation and internet marketing. She maintains that if you begin modestly and grow your business incrementally as you refine your internet marketing skills and business acumen you can achieve the kind of success you'd like to have.

She emphasizes having a written, step-by-step plan that is executed consistently and with purpose and passion. She makes it clearly understood that no one has to be a "one man gang" and perform every element of the process alone. Some of the work can be outsourced, such as graphics or copy-writing or recording. Think everything through carefully. Remember that content is key and people want and deserve VALUE.

Part of mining your business is cultivating relationships. Giving your customers the best content you can possibly give them will cement those relationships.

After you have developed your plan and made your commitment to yourself to see your project through, then you need to make up a TASK list. As you move through your list of tasks you will see that your project will be finished when the last item is checked!

Then it is time to rinse, wash, and repeat the process with the next product, program or idea. Keep moving forward by consistently taking action.

Your mother will be so proud! Dixie Brown, ever the consummate instructor, will be proud of you, too.

Connie Baum

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