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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Work at Home?

If you are a home body, a mom, or house husband the chances are good you are earning a living by working at home. Or you may work FROM home. Either which way, you are one of a growing number of entrepreneurs who chose to lay off your boss.

Under some circumstances it would be very easy to feel isolated while working at home. If those around you are three and five years old there won't be an abundance of adult conversation. When a spouse goes to work and the house is quiet enough to accomplish many things but there is now no "adult supervision" you may become distracted by television, the view outdoors, or what is calling your name from the refrigerator.

One of the things that can serve you well in this kind of work environment is habit.
There is a lot of power in habit; that power can enable you in your work or it can hamper your efforts. It all depends on how you apply it.

Habit works with the precision of a machine. Your behaviors program your habits and your behavior reinforces the programming. You can use this to your advantage or you can allow it to bring you down. The choice is entirely up to you.

Here are some of the habits you might like to consider programming and reinforcing to help you boost your bottom line:

  • Create a daily task list and prioritize your items. This will assist you in minimizing distractions and help you to remain focused on your goals.
  • Reward yourself for accomplishments. An example of that might be to finish a blog post, then read for pleasure for half an hour. Or if you post an article or press release, you have earned a cookies n milk break. Set up your rewards to suit the task involved and your personal preferences.
  • You may want to consider hiring child care for a certain block of time so you are not interrupted with the needs of others. For instance if your children nap during the afternoon, you may want to have help during the morning so you'd have assistance with lunch. Design your days for maximum productivity.
  • Sitting to make phone calls or work on the computer for long periods will require that you physically move your body from time to time. Set a timer, if necessary, and take a moment or two between tasks to stretch your muscles. In case you do not have an exercise program in place, you would be wise to begin at once.
  • If it falls to you to perform household tasks, plan your day around those. Don't fall into the trap of getting caught up in laundry, dishes, sweeping and bed making and forfeit time that could be used in your marketing efforts. One resource I'd like to share with you in that regard is a website that is loaded with ideas for organizing tasks: FlyLady is one of my best friends and with good reason! Be sure to visit her but be warned that it is a very large website and you could spend too much time looking at all that's offered there. Set your timer and return to your tasks when it rings!
  • Be very clear about what you WANT and what you DO NOT WANT. If you do not want interruptions in your day, then set your boundaries and make sure they are not trespassed. Post your "Office Hours." If you want to network with people, meet them for breakfast or coffee throughout the workday. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to create the kind of work environment you like best.
One last point I would offer is that if you are working at home and are not affiliated with a coaching program you can trust implicitly, please study this list and make a choice that suits YOUR needs and reinforces your best habits:

Rapid Cash Marketing

Autopilot Wealth Institute

Lay Off Your Boss 3

Life is filled with choices and these programs are designed to help you make wise ones. Here's hoping you can choose good work habits to create good things for yourself and the people you love most!

Connie Baum

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