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Friday, September 11, 2009

Internet Marketing: Working From Home?

Working from home has pros and cons just as does working in an office in the heart of a city.

Take yesterday, for example. The "To Do" list was longer than a yardstick. Never mind the blog posts and the auto responder messages. Forget the phone calls, laundry, cooking, housekeeping and grocery shopping. Don't even mention the visitors who came to the door, knowing full well I am working but just wanted to stop for coffee! There was the little matter of the messed up blog site that consumed me and a committee until, thankfully, it was resolved right after bedtime.

As internet marketers and entrepreneurs, these are the things we must take in stride. The key in all of it is not to become stressed, discouraged, or overwhelmed.

It is far more important to have stamina for the task at hand, call in the troops to help when you get into hot water and learn to manage your time. Frankly, when you work at home and you see dust bunnies, you must learn to look away or get help with that issue.

I remember when one of my massage clients once asked me, "Do you have a girl?" Presuming she meant my daughter, I replied in the affirmative. She said, "Getting a girl-a good girl-was the smartest thing I ever did for my dress shop business. If I had to go home and clean house, I could not sell dresses." Bobbi understood the value of delegating and by hiring someone, she could focus on selling dresses, not housekeeping.

Maybe your way of delegating is to outsource some of your technical work. Perhaps you need to find someone who will cheerfully write your blog posts if you pay them in greenbacks. It could be you need a nerd god to tweak your computer from time to time. Whatever your issue, get help with it.

Working at home can mean that you feel isolated from time to time. The best way to counteract that issue is to plan your day so you meet someone for lunch occasionally or take a break by walking with a partner. You might think of scheduling times when you meet other work-at-home folks so you can talk "shop" and compare notes with those in similar circumstances. It's all about time management and priorities.

Conference calls are an efficient and cost effective way to connect with others, learn as you go, and keep your business up to date. Does your network include those who can provide ample content with answers to your burning internet questions? If not, I can hook you up with a fine coaching program that will create success you may not have experienced before now. CLICK HERE NOW.

If you have enjoyed financial rewards and success in your own working from home ventures, we'd love for you to leave your comment here for everyone to see. You can take out braggin' rights, if you like! Who can resist self promotion?

Connie Baum


  1. Awesome post once again Connie! You pluck the heart string of every work at home entrepeneur. There are times when one must be extremely creative with one's schedule.

    I am thankful for the lifestyle because it gives me more time with my honey who works from home. Time is precious and life is short...we must learn to take advantage of having the freedom to schedule and re-schedule our time when we have the need. Blessings your way!

  2. Thanks to Rainy and Christine for sharing your thoughts with everyone.

    We appreciate your input and the fact that you squeezed us into your busy work at home day!

    Warmest wishes to your success, Christine and Rainy!

    Connie Baum

  3. Hi Connie

    Per your suggestion, I decided to come back and post again.

    So, here I am, back to give you another pat on the back for a great post.

    I re-read your post and realized I'm sitting here in front of my computer on a Sunday morning, instead of being out on my usual Sunday bike ride with friends. I definitely need to take your advice on avoiding so much isolation.

    It seems I always think there are more important things to "get done" rather than allow myself some rejuvenation -- Even though I KNOW it's not a good thing in the long run, and will actually decrease productivity!

    As you know, I'm working hard in my own business, mostly doing custom work for others... graphics, websites, banner ads, headers, and implementing email marketing for others.

    Anyone that is interested, you can see samples here and I'm happy to cut you a deal if you are a friend of Connie's. :)

    My eventual goal is to establish some passive income besides my custom work, update my website with a new look (it's in dire need) and do some of my OWN marketing. Perhaps I'll get around to it for myself one of these days!

    For now, I'm off to find some time for a little rejuvenation. :)

    Thanks again, Connie!

    Oh, and if you are a DIY person, get your free 1500+ graphics here... no strings!


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    To the Success of ALL