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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Internet Marketing: Is it Mysterious?

Back in the day, Louise Hay, well known author, talked about her word processor and the issues it held for her. She referred to the machine as the 'Magic Lady' and when she finally surrendered to the fact that there was only one way to get the Magic Lady to work properly-The Magic Lady's way-she was successful at producing copy.

By now, Louise Hay, and the rest of us are surrendering to XP, Vista, Mac or what have you.

The key? Surrender.

In the wonderful world of internet marketing we must set our preconceived notions aside. We must learn how the technical side of the computer allows us to post blogs, send email campaigns or present webinars. Furthermore, we would do well to study our marketing techniques, all the while refining our efforts, streamlining our work days and getting the most bang for our bucks.

When I first learned about blogging I had great difficulty putting a prepared post into the template. I felt foolish when I asked on a conference call if anyone else had that same issue. It took a long, long time for me to GET that Microsoft Word does not work or play well with internet templates. Silly me. I had a preconceived notion about how to do a thing but I was completely wrong. As soon as I surrendered, the mystery solved itself!

Whatever we believe will drive us to act whatever way we do. If we believe we will fail, for example, that's precisely what we will do. Then we can play the Blame Game and point fingers at parents, old bosses, anyone we begrudge and whoever stands close enough for us to see!

If we THINK we can or if we THINK we can't--either way, we are 100% correct.

What do you believe? What do you tell yourself as you sit at your computer, creating squeeze pages and one time offers? If you live your life-business and personal-moment by moment in truth and love you may be amazed at how much smoother your business flows.

Our internet marketing businesses are not unlike Louise Hay's "Magic Lady" because when we surrender, when we work in an educated, organized manner and when we believe the truth about whether we can or can't-will or won't-we will reap whatever we have sown.

We think a great many thoughts over the course of a day. We just as well focus on positive thoughts, positive people, positive results. I'm positive of that!

No mystery there! May all your thoughts be good and true and may your life be filled with the glorious success you deserve!

Connie Baum

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