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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Internet Marketing: How's Business Going for YOU?

Whenever there is a gathering of people one question internet marketers and storefront owners are asked is, "So, how's business?" And most people either make a perfunctory statement: "OK, I guess" or they tell an outright lie and say, "OH! It's great!" I think their noses grow as they speak.

I know that there are men and women who are raking in more cash than they can count. I also know there are a few-maybe more-who are whining about this problem or that one and not making much, if any, money at all.

What is the difference?

Some people complain there isn't enough TIME. Hey-everyone gets 24 hours every single day. It might be prudent to learn how to manage it more profitably.

Other people will tell you, if you stand still long enough to listen, that their coaching program is impersonal or incomplete or their coaches are inaccessible.
If that's an issue, I'd suggest you make other arrangements ASAP. If you need info about that, I can give you names and phone numbers! grin

I made arrangements yesterday to spend 5 hours on conference calls and webinars. It was a commitment of time but I am fiercely determined to learn all I can learn as fast as I can learn it so I can share with you some of the lessons I am absorbing. I had a sort of epiphany as I heard ideas, suggestions, recommendations and looked at screen shots and images to reinforce my learning process. After making 16 pages of notes I perused them and became SO EXCITED about how limitless the possibility of my internet marketing life really is that I was sure my head would burst!

When it comes to Press Releases, for example, I have done a few lately that have rattled some cages and brought some attention and traffic to places I hoped would have a light shining there. I recommended to a friend that she write a press release...IN THE HOUR AFTER SHE POSTED THE THING SHE HAD 118 hits!

Here's the thing: if you follow your passion and do what the coaches ask of you and consistently take that action PLUS introduce new strategies and ideas as you progress you cannot help but realize that YOUR business is burgeoning.

There are programs that promise to reveal secrets to make you money. GET REAL. The "secret" if there were one is that the harder you work, the luckier you get.

Connie Baum

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