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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Internet Marketing: What 3 Things Are Critical to Your Success?

There are a number of key factors that are instrumental to any internet marketer's success. You could make a list that would be at least as long as a kid's wish list for Santa Claus.

For now let's just look at these: 3 Things Critical to Your Success:
  1. Find YOUR niche. Does the niche you represent REPRESENT YOU? Does your niche reflect your passion, your personality, your goals for your life?
  2. Be persistent. You won't find glory in working an hour a week. It's not fair to blog once every three months and be surprised there's been no impact.
  3. Take action. Research everything you must, decide what you want to do and what you'd like the outcome to be. Then act on your decision every day, tweaking things where you need to make changes and do NOT stop until your goal has been reached.
I want to tell you about a bright young woman whose cheery voice I hear from time to time on conference calls. She is charming, savvy and she KNOWS these top 3 faves because she performs them faithfully no matter what. Her questions on these calls are relevant; her expertise is obvious when she helps to provide answers for other peoples' questions and she is the first person to step up and help those who lack her technical expertise.

This young lady is highly competent when it comes to WordPress blogs, flipping websites, product creation and affiliate marketing. She understands the nature and need when it comes to quality content; added value; and solving problems.

Let's call this go-getter Laurie. Some time ago I noticed that Miss Laurie was conspicuously absent from our regular call schedule. We all understand that life happens but when Laurie's voice was silent for so long, I began to consider that something might be awry.

As it happened, Laurie's father had fallen ill and passed away. This series of events may have tempted Laurie to stop working on all her internet projects but she knew her father would want her to pursue her dreams.

While working online one morning, Laurie discovered that an online guru she had long admired was making a fantastic offer. She contacted this marketer and volunteered to provide a bonus the guru could use. She was disappointed when her generous offer was immediately rejected.

SIDEBAR: Note #2 above. Laurie was not going to let rejection deter her. She kept on keepin' on! Good on YOU, girl! END SIDEBAR.

While Laurie went about her online business the guru had a change of heart. She contacted our persistent friend and agreed to take her up on the offer, after all. Now they are working on their NEXT PROJECT.

What three things in your internet marketing would help you reach your goals and bring YOU to the kind of success you yearn for and deserve?

Connie Baum

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