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Friday, October 23, 2009

Internet Marketing News: Coaching Program Relaunches?

Not so long ago a new internet coaching program was launched featuring Jeff Wellman, Dixie Brown and Paul Counts.

For those who may not know, Jeff Wellman had the chutzpah to lay off his boss and became an internet marketing sensation. Dixie Brown brought all her technical expertise with her from a lucrative career in the corporate world and they partnered to become highly successful internet marketing superstars with their unique approach to their coaching program. These two are also well known for their integrity, humor and caring hearts.

That's when Paul Counts got on board. He, too, has impeccable integrity and the gift of knowing more about search engine optimization than practically anyone. He is a real expert in this area but he also understands every facet of internet marketing because he is successful online in his own right. He teaches with Jeff and Dixie as part of the Rapid Cash Marketing program. Together they are The Tremendous Trio.

Rapid Cash Marketing made a big splash and it has been profitable for many of those who work at home or pursue part time business opportunities. But these three are legendary for under-promising and over-delivering...they felt there were holes here and there, so they tweaked their formula just a tad, filled those teeny little holes and are now relaunching the same program with new updates.

I suppose one could compare it to the upgrade Microsoft just made the other day, except that Jeff, Dixie, and Paul were not on every television screen in every home in America. Those three were quietly coaching their many students around the globe. They were answering support tickets. They were conducting coaching calls. All three were working together to prepare webinars, bonus products, and making sure every student's needs were being met and exceeded. This Tremendous Trio from Rapid Cash Marketing were fielding questions from England, from Canada, from every state in the Union. Quietly. Efficiently. Deftly. With extreme care.

They have loads of information about making quick cash online. They are eager to answer any question about the nuts and bolts of how to launch and manage a successful online business.

Do YOU have questions that need answers? Do you have an online business or internet marketing idea you could use some help to launch? Are you a seasoned marketer but you feel stuck and need some fresh ideas?

There is every possibility you peeked in on Rapid Cash Marketing when it first arrived on the scene but the timing was not right for you. If that's the case, you will be keenly interested in the relaunch of the new and improved Rapid Cash Marketing coaching program.

Here's where you get the straight skinny: Rapid Cash Marketing Relaunch

Connie Baum

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