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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Internet Marketing, Making Money and Resell Rights?

Did you know there is rapid cash to be made using products with Resell Rights?

This is exciting news!

To gain from Resell Rights it's important to have a hot niche. Let's suppose you've identified YOUR hot niche and let's go one step further with that. Let's say you also have the endorsement on this product by a well respected internet marketing guru. He or she has put a personal seal of approval on this product and YOU are allowed to promote and resell it!


Before you take any action with this gem, be sure to look at the LICENSE. What does it allow you to do? What does it restrict?

Furthermore, if you like the terms of the license, is the content top quality? If the answer is no, then move on to something worthwhile.

In order to take the best advantage of a resell situation, it is critical and incumbent upon you to make that product your own. Infuse YOUR personality and YOUR language into your product. Tweak your sales page to feature your ideas, your words, your philosophy to reflect YOU. Enhance the value of it.

After all, you have a relationship with your customer list and your potential customer base. Utilize that relationship. Cultivate it and help solve their problems.

You will give yourself the edge by bundling this resell product with other items. You can add value and increase your own credibility if you put this hot new thing together with pictures and graphics, video tutorials and seminars or one-on-one contacts. These things will ensure that YOU will become the marketer of choice, enjoying a preferred status!

Learn how to leverage your position. Understand what it means to offer an upsell or a one time offer or even a membership to your people. Find and enjoy every advantage there is to upselling and taking Resell Rights to the next level. Your internet marketing business will follow and the rewards will be great.

I told you this is exciting!

If you need assistance to understand the nuts and bolts of this type of promotion don't hesitate to call in the 'Marines' at Rapid Cash Marketing.They are MASTERS at using Resell Rights to the best advantage and would be charmed to teach you precisely how it's done!

Connie Baum

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