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Monday, October 19, 2009

Coaching Programs and MeetUps?

With a relaunch program looming, Jeff Wellman and Dixie Brown of the Rapid Cash Marketing Team recently hosted a MeetUp in Iowa for a group of their students.

Internet marketing coaching programs can be found all over the internet. I defy anyone, however, to find a program or a coach with the integrity and heart that Jeff and Dixie displayed in the event they held for us.

These people have the skills and patience to make sure we students understand the material we have been given in our lessons to become highly successful in our own internet marketing pursuits.

The range of applications at our gathering was not only mind boggling, but interesting. Everyone learned from one another and we all feel better equipped now to pursue our blogs, our websites, our marketing efforts with new zeal and a new appreciation for what we are experiencing.

It was so much fun to introduce the man from Lay Off Your Boss to a fresh faced kid who was clearly in awe of Jeff Wellman. It was heartening to enter an eatery and see our very own Dixie Brown greeted with hugs from the patrons there. They all presumed we were Dixie's family and Dixie assured everybody they would be correct about that! It was difficult when this precious event came to a close and we had to say our "so longs" to one another.

There are live events happening all over the country from time to time. If you can go to a live event you will experience the magic that happens when marketers come together to look at new ideas, different strategies and meet the people who earn their livelihood online every day.

Whether you are marketing articles, blogging, or selling widgets you can recharge your internet batteries and breathe new life into your home based business, your affiliate marketing sources and learn about your own product creation and launch.

If you have a coaching program that is helping you to be successful in the arena of internet marketing, bless you. If you are struggling with the technical aspects of making money online or you are less than pleased about your PayPal balance, you would be wise to look into the new and improved Rapid Cash Marketing program.

Connie Baum

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