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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Article Marketing for Traffic Generation?

When Mary was in "kindergarten" class for internet marketing her very first homework assignment was to write articles. This first assignment was intended to generate an online 'traffic jam' by sending readers to Mary's website, where she could show off her Widgets, enticing people to buy them from her. Mary's internet coach meant not to overwhelm but to guide her as she made her way along a learning curve to a successful home based business career.

Alas, Mary saw article writing as time consuming. She insisted she felt inadequate; besides, she claimed she did not have the time to write every day. Mary could not recognize her own life experiences as having value, so she turned in an 'incomplete' and turned in few assignments. The result: Mary did not generate enough traffic to keep her in the 'make money online' game for long.

Someone said Mary recently applied for public assistance and moved into low income housing.

IF ONLY, Mary could have generated one or two articles a day every day except Sunday perhaps she could have earned a comfortable living.

The coaching program Mary foolishly left behind had her best interest at heart. Mary just did not understand that by creating quality content on a consistent basis she could have established herself as an expert following a distinguished career as a teacher!

Moreover, if only Mary had made the effort to submit well written articles with premium content to article submission sites on a consistent basis she might be living an entirely different life.

How would it affect traffic generation to YOUR website if you were to submit quality content on a regular basis? And how do you suppose that might impact YOUR income?

Wouldn't it be worth the time and effort to follow through on that idea?

Incidentally, if you are in the market for a Team of coaches who would keep YOUR best interest at heart, I can link you up. Check it out RIGHT HERE!

Connie Baum

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