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Monday, July 20, 2009

AutoPilot Wealth Institute: Good News and Bad News?

You have been in the loop about the merger of Lay Off Your Boss 3 for some time; that launch is taking place TOMORROW, July 21, 2009! That's the GOOD NEWS. The bad news can wait.

Jeff created Lay Off Your Boss with his business partner, Dixie Brown, who is renowned for her technical expertise and the two of them have enjoyed internet coaching success. Their integrity is legendary. Their coaching skills are unparalleled. When Paul Counts burst onto the scene with his search engine optimization skills he rounded out the group to a fare-thee-well!

Nothing is static. Energy itself is always moving. That holds true for internet marketing and coaching programs as well. To improve the delivery of quality coaching, to educate internet marketers about search engine results and in order to teach marketers at every level the Lay Off Your Boss 3 Team will officially merge with the existing program set up by Keith Wellman: AutoPilot Wealth Institute. If you would like more detail about the updated program you can get the full exciting 411 about AutoPilot Wealth Institute on Tuesday, July 21!

Now for the bad news: There will be no wedding cake. I know. I'm disappointed, too. But serving cake would have been too complex for cyberspace. Surely the joys and benefits of working with the AutoPilot Wealth Institute will make up for our disappointment.

Connie Baum

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