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Friday, July 3, 2009

Internet Marketing at Its BEST?

The buzz has been deafening! Blogs are full of the info; emails are talking about it. We have been hinting at the "marriage plans" for some time now.

Very soon you will be able to be a part of the inner circle, yourself, when Lay Off Your Boss "marries" Autopilot Wealth Institute!

Business mergers take place every day. Big businesses gobble up the little guys all the time. This is not the same premise. This is the merger of TWO VERY SUCCESSFUL ENTERPRISES joining forces to GIVE THE PUBLIC THE VERY BEST IN INTERNET MARKETING.

The successes of Keith Wellman and his dad, Jeff, are legendary. Keith is so savvy that as a very young man, he founded a successful formula in a home business startup. SIDEBAR: You should SEE the home from which he works! It is a designer's dream! END SIDEBAR. More recently Keith has successfully launched a ground breaking new program that uses video skinning. Keith mentored his father to make Lay Off Your Boss possible. Each man's program is loaded with content and heart. They both intend to help anyone learn how to make a recession proof income.

Keith's Autopilot Wealth Program has features that will enhance the Rapid Cash Marketing concept. They will fit together like a hand in a glove. There will be changes as the product evolves but they will be seamless. When it comes to content, Jeff Wellman and his partners, Dixie Brown and Paul Counts are well known for over delivering. It does not matter if it is a Question and Answer session, a telephone consultation, or a Webinar--they give information and details; how-to's and tips that fill notebooks all around the world! Then, in surprise moves, Jeff, Dixie, and Paul will pop up with bonuses! THERE IS NO EQUAL FOR THIS KIND OF GENEROUS INSTRUCTION.

There is always accountability as a part of their equation, too. This partnership has set up Mastermind groups, they fully expect their students to bring their A game to the table and make money online by using the techniques and strategies they know will bring success!

Is it your goal to make money online?

Do you long to have a recession proof income?

Are you learning how to make money from home?

Would it be helpful to have access to a coaching program?

Stay tuned, boys and girls. The new program is coming to a computer near you. The "wedding" is about to take place. We'll keep you in the loop. Oh, and by the way, the new program, all inclusive, WILL BE AFFORDABLE. No kidding.

Connie Baum

PS/We ask again for your comments...perhaps you have been a student and wish to offer your own success story. Maybe you want to thank Jeff and Keith for doing such great work. In any case, we appreciate your remarks and remind you that you can remain anonymous or strut your stuff by leaving your URL.

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