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Friday, July 3, 2009

AutoPilot Wealth Institute is Going LIVE!

Oh, you guys! This is BIG! This is REALLY BIG AND EXCITING!

I just found out that the AutoPilot Wealth Institute is GOING LIVE! I have been dropping hints all over cyberspace that Keith Wellman's AutoPilot Wealth Institute and Rapid Cash Marketing were about to "marry..." WELL, it's no secret that the Institute is about to undergo some construction.

Jeff Wellman and his partners, Dixie Brown and Paul Counts are OFFICIALLY going to join forces with Keith Wellman, Jeff's son. They are announcing they intend to make AutoPilot Wealth Institute THE BEST ONLINE INTERNET MARKETING TRAINING CENTER THERE IS. Jeff said this: "We are ready to compete with the top training courses there are on the market that are offered by the big name players."

Jeff continued: "We are taking our Layoff Your Boss program and merging with AutoPilot Wealth Institute's Million Dollar Advantage Program. We have added some tremendous benefits and help for students looking to begin their journey to their own Internet Marketing Success."

"We are adding a 10 week INTENSIVE Traffic and Search Engine Optimization course to the already existing 12 week Million Dollar Advantage and Layoff Your Boss 3 training course. Also included in this massive package will be a 6-8 week intensive technical training course to help you knock down the tech challenges that seem to hole so many new marketers from ever reaching success."

Next, you'll find the Rapid Cash Marketing course, teaching you how to start making money online in the matter of hours and days to help you start realizing that making on the internet is a possibility FOR YOU. This Rapid Cash Marketing course comes with Private Label Rights to the THIRTY (30) Affiliate Marketing videos! Your own ready-to-sell product! You only need to drive traffic, which you will learn from the course!"

Jeff, Dixie and Paul will provide weekly LIVE Question/Answer calls to answer all the questions that pop up. NOTHING needs to hold you back from reaching your desired success! They stay on those Q/A calls until the questions stop flowing!

Folks, if this interests you even slightly, we encourage you to look things over. GO HERE NOW!

Oh, and by the way, Jeff told me that the price will go up by $200.00 as soon as the switch is made to the AutoPilot Wealth Institute platform.

What he did NOT mention? Jeff never said a word about the wedding cake. And I was so hoping there would be chocolate wedding cake with seven minute frosting.

Connie Baum

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