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Saturday, July 18, 2009

AutoPilot Wealth Institute: Coming to a Desktop Near You?

Today is Saturday. A weekend day. Time to sleep in, eat a leisurely breakfast and linger over coffee. Maybe it's a good day to run errands, get in a game of golf or catch up on home repairs.

This is the way many people will spend their day but not the Lay Off Your Boss 3 Team. Internet coach Jeff Wellman; internet marketing's Queen of Tech,Dixie Brown and Paul Counts, whose genius is search engine optimization have other plans: This Tremendous Trio is busily testing every aspect of their upcoming launch event. Then they will retest everything. After that, they will check everything all over again. After all, they are about to launch AutoPilot Wealth Institute and become the Fresh Fab Four!

Jeff, Dixie, Paul, and the new partner, Keith Wellman, have been hovering over their project like mama birds with babies to care for. Every aspect of every detail of their new product is being looked after with special attention to detail.

They want everything to be perfect when they unveil their new coaching program replete with all its best features: unparalleled technical assistance, numerous video tutorials, question and answer sessions, detailed webinars, and a delivery system that will be unmatched. There are so many features incorporated into AutoWealth Pilot Institute that internet marketing as we have known it will be reinvented!

Jeff, Dixie, Paul and Keith are devoted to the idea of helping internet marketers solve their internet marketing problems.

They have uniquely addressed a number of problems internet marketers encounter when they work to make money online and learn how to make money from home. The Fresh Fab Four will also bring to the table all their vast expertise in internet marketing, coaching, and unique abilities to think outside the box!

Stay close to your Inbox because you'll want all the details. Launch date is Tuesday, July 21!

Connie Baum

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