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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Internet Marketing: Are You Up For the Challenge?

At lunchtime today we had a good laugh about my personal issues and challenges with the technical aspects of internet marketing.

I am blessed with a patient, understanding husband, tremendous and long suffering coaches and it is fortunate that we all seem to have a sense of humor about my ISSUES.

Silly me. I made the remark that my husband should understand. SIDEBAR: NEVER SHOULD ON HUSBANDS. END SIDEBAR.

I said, "Normal people might have given up and quit when things were bad, like they were for me."

His eyes twinkled and he grinned. He hesitated, not knowing if he should even broach the subject.

SIDEBAR: Husbands, broach sensitive subjects sensitively! END SIDEBAR

Finally, tentatively, he offered this comment: "Connie, NORMAL PEOPLE WOULD HAVE GOTTEN IT!"

Touche`... ...We shared a comical moment and had a great laugh...but we both remember how it was, back in the day when I cried a lot and was so discouraged.

I had been stuck. I was mired in the quicksand of not understanding how to do the simplest technical task. I'm still not too whippy but I am ENJOYING the journey!

If I had not had a coaching program staffed and run by "Saint" Jeff Wellman and "Saint" Dixie Brown, I'd really have been up a stump!

Now Jeff and Dixie have Paul Counts to help carry their load-and mine-and Keith Wellman is on the scene, as well. My husband is sure they had to call in the troops just to handle my support tickets!

Well, their new coaching program is tailor made for people like me. And it's tailored for YOU, as well. Whatever causes you to trip up and fall short of the success you really would like to have can be addressed with their new program:
AutoPilot Wealth Institute. It is truly amazing.

See for yourself by clicking here.

I'd wish you good luck, but you won't need my good wishes. You'll be just fine. After all, you'll be in good hands.

Connie Baum

1 comment:

  1. Connie,

    Love your post and you and Norm. You two have to much fun. I hope I can learn to have your kind of fun. Hey, I just thought of what your new blog could be... Let's Make It Fun!