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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Money Making Opportunity Coming to a Home Near You?

Hill's book is a must-have for internet marketers!

Most people who immerse themselves in business, whether it's an internet marketing enterprise or a brick and mortar affair, have at least heard of Napoleon Hill and his book, "Think And Grow Rich." It's the book many of us cut our business teeth on and got us thinking about our possibilities.

Napoleon Hill introduced me to the idea of masterminding. The concept is a deceptively simple one. He and a handful of his cronies met for dinner every Saturday night and problem solved. Each contributed to the others' success. As chronicled in his book, Hill and all his mastermind friends became gigantic successes in the business world.

Another gigantic success,
Jeff Wellman , put mastermind groups into place in his business, too. He was determined that his coaching students would be successful. He personally moderated these groups in the beginning. As his partners, Dixie Brown and Paul Counts came aboard his sailing ship, each of these groups has taken on a life of their own. They meet regularly and eagerly. Each participant is encouraged to share their projects to glean ideas and suggestions from their mastermind partners. These are not dinner meetings. Cyberspace dictates that we can now "meet" by telephone and/or the world wide web.

You may want to bring in some money; even some rapid cash. You might like to partner with someone to make money online. Perhaps you dream of having your own coaching program, or any number of other enterprises that would accommodate your earning a living, teaching others how to make money from home, how to have better skills for a favorite sport, or how to raise kids without going mad.

I was recently informed that mastermind groups can happen even without phones or computers. Yes, it's true. You can "invite" Napoleon Hill or Jeff Wellman or anyone whose business acumen you admire to consult with you. You call them to you, allowing their energy to permeate the ethers, mix with your own, and you can "pick their brain" to help you solve your problems, just the way Napoleon and his friends did it around a dinner table.

I know. It's much easier to find or create a physical mastermind group. If that is something that trips your trigger or you'd like to learn more about just CLICK HERE.

You know you are welcome to post your comments...if you have participated in a mastermind group we'd love to hear about it!

Connie Baum


  1. I belong to a mastermind group and I love it. We are supportive of one another and come from a variety of skills, talents and experiences. This is how we are able to benefit from one another. I find the support in this MM group to be huge.

    I think it would be beneficial in the long run to actually be involved in two MM groups at once. One at the level you are already at with like minded people...and one MM group that is at the next level of abilities and success. This is a great way to keep yourself moving forward to accomplishing your goals.

    If you are in a MM group that is content to stay as they are it will do you no good. A great MM group is constantly growing and evolving. Masterminds that challenge a business person to grow are one of the best ways to help yourself get where you want to be.

  2. I am finding that mastermind groups are the way to go. You have people that are willing to help you move forward and they are interested in what you are doing. There is no competition as everyone is in a different field, at least in the group that I am in.

    We become friends and care about each other and encourage each other.

    If you are having a bad day or week it is a time you can find very uplifting and learn that you are actually moving faster then it looks to you.

    I would encourage anyone that wants to move forward with there business to seek out a mastermind group.

  3. One of my favorite books! Righteous choice, Connie!
    And masterminding - where else can you find like-minded people who will challenge your excuses and help you with differing perspectives?
    Both will help you and take you further than you can imagine.

  4. If it weren't for mastermind groups, I would not have met you and Renita and I may not have stuck around on this internet long enough to accomplish all that I have accomplished.

    The members of a mastermind group hold you accountable and it works because you do not want to be the only one who shows up on a mastermind group having accomplished nothing. So the group helps you set goals and holds you accountable.

    The friendships that develop also inspire you because as time goes on, your mastermind group becomes an extension of your family and you care what they think.

    I encourage everyone to get involved in a mastermind group. It will be one of the best decisions that you will ever make.

  5. The comments you see here have been posted by some of my mastermind sisters. They are indicative of how wonderful it is to have your very own cheerleading squad. Thanks to all of you and for those of you who have not yet had the joy of masterminding, I echo their sentiments: GET INVOLVED IN A MASTERMIND GROUP!
    If you need help in finding one, let us know and we can point you in the right direction!

    Wishing you well and much success,
    Connie Baum
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