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Monday, July 13, 2009

Lay Off Your Boss 3 and AutoPilot Wealth Institute: Is THIS a Dream Come True?

We are one day closer to the major merger!

The launch of the new and improved AutoPilot Wealth Institute is coming down the pike! This will provide all of cyberspace the best of two internet marketing programs: Lay Off Your Boss 3 and AutoPilot Wealth Institute.

Internet marketing is not for sissies. It is a strategy for creating recession proof income, working from home, and it can offer ways to make money fast. If you have ever wondered about or struggled with the nuts and bolts of how to make money from home or wanted to have an easy home based business plan, this might be just the program you have sought.

Keith Wellman became an internet sensation. He then mentored his father, Jeff Wellman, and taught Jeff how to make money online. Jeff Wellman is well known for the online success story of Lay Off Your Boss 3.

Jeff was fortunate-and savvy-to partner with Dixie Brown, who is the TECH QUEEN and worked in corporate America for over 30 years. Those two gave us not only Lay Off Your Boss 3, and Rapid Cash Marketing, but pieces of their hearts by teaching their students the fine art and science of internet marketing. Then this Dynamic Duo took on a third partner, Paul Counts. Paul is a whiz at search engine optimization strategies and techniques both online and offline. This made up The Tremendous Trio.

Now they are poised to become The Fresh Fab Four: very soon they will roll out the new and exciting AutoPilot Wealth Institute. This program will embrace their highly successful program from Lay Off Your Boss 3. In their inimitable style of over delivering, it will also include all the technical wisdom offered by Dixie Brown, a new search engine optimization video/audio series from Paul Counts and bonuses by the bushel. They will offer LIVE Question and Answer sessions, webinars, support like no other program in existence, a forum, and their personal style and integrity is wrapped into every aspect of all their programs. These people KEEP IT REAL.

One new feature of this internet coaching product we anticipate so raptly is the platform delivery. This assures the students of success; we will learn at our own pace and will thoroughly understand the process as we go along.

You will be wise to stay tuned for the details about this product launch.

One important detail: The Fresh Fab Four haven't let it be known yet whether or not there will be "wedding" cake served during the launch!

Connie Baum

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