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Monday, July 27, 2009

How To Make Money From Home: Is It Possible?

Have you looked at the offers that pour into your Inbox? Have all your friends put you on their lists to see their Next Big Promotion? Do you ever feel so overwhelmed about working at home with the doorbell and the kids and the neighbor's barking dog to distract you that you consider finding a J-O-B?

Just as the song lyrics remind us, nobody promised us a rose garden. Nobody said it would be easy-or, if they did, they lied-but it can be simplified.

To begin with, it's important to create a PLAN and follow through with the plan you create.

When you work at home it's altogether too easy to take a break and throw a ball around with the kids. Pretty soon you've spent half an hour and it slips by so fast it's incredible.
Or, the doorbell rings and you step outside to chat with the neighbor who is watering the flowers. Then you feel as if it's time for a sit-down break and you go to the kitchen for coffee, where the newspaper catches your eye. All these distractions can be a form of procrastination. Even cleaning and organizing your work area can be procrastination in its highest art form.

When you write down a list of tasks to accomplish in your workday, the end results depend on your doing everything on your list. SIDEBAR: Be realistic and pragmatic when you make your To Do list. Don't make the list longer than your arm. END SIDEBAR.

When your intention is to work to make money at home it's critical to work smart. That might mean signing up with a respectable coaching program and working with a coach to teach you whatever elements are missing in your online education. It could mean you partner with someone to create accountability for both of you.

When you work with an accountability partner, you are not likely to send a progress report listing "played ball with the kids for 30 minutes, then sat down for coffee and read the newspaper." There isn't much meat there about how you will create a stream of income, what steps you are taking to generate traffic for your blog, improving your search engine optimization or whatever you might be studying to increase your skills.

Whether you work in a factory, your money comes from a trust fund or you have a brick and mortar storefront, you NEED to take thoughtful, deliberate action to make any plan come to fruition. Multi level marketers must be out and about, talking to people. Salesmen had better be writing orders. Online marketers, working at home, had better be learning what they don't know yet and they had better be working diligently to create products, sell other peoples' stuff, or taking whatever steps are necessary to stay in the game of life.

Online marketers may create a home business startup as a part time venture or even as a hobby. In the case of the serious entrepreneur, however, making money from home must be structured for financial success or failure and disappointment may result.

Follow your bliss. Do your best work. Make a plan and stick to it. Be accountable.


Connie Baum

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