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Friday, June 19, 2009

Internet Marketing: Bonus Conference Call

If you are a regular here, you know that I was totally jeeped about a BONUS conference call last night. You were all invited but since it was rather last minute, the chances are pretty good you weren't on the call. I did not hear you. Grin.

Here is the thing: I have permission from the Top Man to share this link with you!

Bonus Conference Call

Grab yourself a cup of coffee, gather up some freshly sharpened pencils and a pad of paper. This is a note-taking kind of conference call!

There are some super surprises, too. It will make you grin.

After you've heard the call, won't you please give us some feedback on your impressions? Just go to "comments" at the bottom of this post and click. A little box will pop up where you can type your comments. If you want to strut your stuff, you can leave your name and URL. If you are shy, that's all right. Just be anonymous. Your comments are deeply appreciated and we thank you.

Bonus Conference Call

Connie Baum

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