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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Want to Lay Off YOUR Boss? Make it a JOINT VENTURE!

Let's suppose you have been working a full time job and it wasn't a good fit. Maybe it is too long a commute, the hours might be inflexible, or your skill set is more than what you are using in your 'day job.' Maybe there are whisperings about downsizing or closing altogether. In any case, you have been working on the weekends and late into the night to create your own online business. You have a product and he time is ripe for you to launch your baby enterprise. Hardly anything is as exciting as a new product launch!


Now has come the time for you to engage Joint Venture partners. These are people who have people to come visit your website and become your customers. But you must do your homework!

The first order of business is to find marketers whose program will complement your own. If you are selling birdhouses and you know of someone with a list of names who is selling pajamas, this might not work so well. If you are selling organic foods and you discover someone who sells cookware, voila`! You have a match.

These online marketers and prospective Joint Venture partners can be found by looking in search engines, social networking sites, and from your own Inbox. Surely you have subscribed to sites and have internet marketers sending you their offers on a daily basis.

When you learn where these prospective Joint Venture partners are, you need to establish a relationship with them. Find out everything you can about them. Establish who they are, where they are, what they are about, what their products and services are and figure out how to help them solve their problems. You may see that they need your skills to help in their delivery of support services. Could you create tutorial videos on your own time and at your own expense that your prospective partner could use, give away, or benefit from in some way? You might even be able to help people with graphics for their websites. Perhaps they need a copy writer or proof reader. Do you have some Private Label Rights products to offer? Be generous in helping people.

Become someone a prospective Joint Venture partner KNOWS, LIKES, and TRUSTS. You must have impeccable credibility and integrity.

You may be invited to BE a Joint Venture partner for someone else's launch. If so, be sure the product going out complements your own. If you sell bird watching products, you may not do much for the ski equipment crowd. Also, be generous in providing help for another launch. Send the person a physical copy of an ebook you have created or put your ebook onto a CD. This will be good for everyone and create a win-win situation for both the JV Partner and the Launcher. Come to think of it, the PEOPLE will also be winners, so it's really a win-win-win proposition!

Do not be concerned about COMPETITION because we all are interdependent and need one another. Think instead about becoming ALLIES. It's much more cooperative and less fraught with negativity.

Joint Venture partners will want to know what benefits there would be for becoming your JV partner. It might be as simple as a banner exchange for one another's websites; it is likely they will want a piece of the profit pie. And for helping you they deserve it.

For more complete information about getting Joint Venture partners or becoming one yourself, click here .

Connie Baum

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